10 parking apps to help you get the best spot

We are a society that loves cars, even if we hate the things that come with them: buying gas, paying for insurance and finding a parking space.

But while you may not be in control of gas prices and insurance rates, you can say something about how much time and money you spend on where you park your car. Read on to learn about some of the best parking apps that can help you or your employees find a parking space.

Is there an app that helps you find a parking space?

There are a number of apps designed to help you find parking spaces, each with different features and bells and whistles, whether you want to save money, find a garage, or find a place to park your car at the airport. Some of these parking apps let you reserve parking spots in advance, others let you see if there is street parking, and others let you pay for parking on your phone after you park.

Why you should download a parking app

Searching for a suitable space is one of the biggest problems when driving in the city. Whether you’re going to a concert, dining out, or having a meeting at your downtown office, the last thing you need to do is wander the streets aimlessly looking for a parking spot.

With parking apps you avoid this hassle while enjoying these benefits:

You save time – Having an idea of ​​where your parking space is and a quick and easy way to pay for it will save you time that could be better spent on work/leisure. No need to look for a place or spend time dealing with a confusing kiosk. You save money — In addition to helping customers find parking spaces, parking apps give their users access to discounted rates. Parking apps can also help you avoid tickets. We’ve seen some startups inspired by their founders dealing with things like towing costs. It’s better for the environment — Less time aimlessly searching for parking spaces means less time spent burning fuel. It’s more practical — When was the last time you had a big handful of coins in your car? When you use an app to pay for parking, you don’t have to worry about getting the right change — or enough change for your meter. In many cases, you may have already paid for your spot in advance. It’s safer — If you’re focused on finding a free parking spot while cruising the streets of a new city, you may be less focused on what’s going on around you. It’s less stressful — Whether you’re driving through the suburbs roaming in search of new malls or traveling to New York City, traveling can be stressful. Questions like “Where are we going to park?” “Where are we parked?” or “Am I in a street cleaning spot?” can add unnecessary stress to your trip. It’s more convenient — Instead of using a credit card to pay for parking, you can reserve a spot and pay over the phone. And if something goes wrong with a meter, drivers battling parking fines have proof that they’ve paid.

Read on for a list of some of the best parking apps of 2022.

Best parking apps of 2022

Our phones can do almost anything these days, so it’s not unreasonable to expect them to discover parking spots for us. Below is a list of some of the best parking apps that you can download to help you save time and money when parking your car.

1. SpotHero

Once known as Parking Panda, Spot Hero is a parking reservation service that partners with several facilities across the country to provide customers with parking in 28 major cities. Customers can search, reserve and pay for a parking space on a lot or garage – often at a discounted rate – and receive a parking pass via email or via the app.

This service helps drivers find and reserve hourly, monthly, and airport parking spaces, as well as event parking spaces, through partnerships with sports venues ranging from Dodgers Stadium in Los Angeles to Yankee Stadium in New York.

Available on: Apple’s iOS and Android devices

2. Best Parking

Best Parking works by letting users search for parking spots right now or for future trips. Motorists can reserve parking spaces in advance, receive a digital parking card and save up to 50%. Best Parking links directly to the Arrive mobility platform. Best Parking was acquired by Park Whiz in 2015, the next entry on our list.

Available on: Apple’s iOS and Android devices

3. Park Whiz

Founded in 2006, ParkWhiz partners with 4,000 parking operators in 35 states and 50 cities. Customers can use the service to find parking spots on a daily or monthly basis, or for events, compare prices and reserve parking spaces.

ParkWhiz also operates ParkWhiz Business, an online system that helps businesses manage the parking of their employees and customers.

Available on: Apple’s iOS and Android devices

4. Parkopedia

Operating in 89 countries – and tracking over 70 million parking spaces, Parkopedia could become your favorite navigation app. Just tell Parkopeida where you are going in the city of your choice and it will find the nearest place for your car, how much it will cost and how many parking spaces are available. The company calls itself the “parking partner” of a number of automakers, including GM, Ford, Mazda and Volvo.

Available on: Apple’s iOS and Android devices

5. Way

Technically, Way is more than just a parking app as the company offers insurance and car financing services. When it comes to helping people find parking, Way lets users park hourly and monthly and helps find parking spaces at the airport.

Way also offers a service called Parking Pass, which allows drivers to save money so that they can jump from lot to lot for a one-time daily or monthly fee. And if you’re not sure where you’re parked, Way gives you walking routes back to your parking spot.

6. SpotAngels

The SpotAngels founder built their app after their car was towed and had to pay $569 to restore it. Available in almost every major US city, the app helps people find street parking and avoid tickets, show users parking options, and send reminders to help drivers avoid tickets. The company’s website even has a map to help users find free parking spaces.

Available on: Apple’s iOS and Android devices

7. Mobile parking

This free app offers three different ways to park, but for our purpose, we’ll focus on just one: the ability to pre-book a parking space. With ParkMobile, drivers who go into the city for a day and need to find a parking space can search for parking garages. Simply select the garages you want and reserve a spot and time for their car.

Available on: Apple’s iOS and Android devices

8. The parking lot

The Parking Spot is in talks for the best airport parking apps as it allows you to find parking spots in some major airports in the US. The app allows users to pay with contactless access, and in some locations it offers free car cleaning while travelers are away.

Available on: Apple’s iOS and Android devices

9. PayByPhone

Owned by Volkswagen Financial Services, this app allows users to pay for on-street parking by entering their location on their phone, based on a designated number provided by the PayByPhone system on a nearby sign. Drivers can enter the amount of time they plan to stay and extend their stay without having to run back to their car to fill the meter.

Available on: Apple’s iOS and Android devices, and through Blackberry’s App World

10. Passport parking

Like PayByPhone, Passport Parking allows drivers to find, reserve and pay for parking by entering a location number in the app and paying from their phone. This app notifies users when their session is about to end and when parking fees change.

Available on: Apple’s iOS and Android devices

What is the best parking app?

It’s hard to say. Several online rankings seem to match the first three entries on our list, Spot Hero, BestParking and ParkWhiz.

What is the best app to find parking garages?

Much of our research points to BestParking, as it has a huge list of cities, all filled with garages and lots to park your car.

What is the best app to find airport parking spaces?

While there are many apps that help people find a parking space in the airport, it is worth mentioning the Parking Space again. Just like an airline offers frequent flyer miles, this app has a program for frequent users: the more you book, the more points you collect for free parking. It also allows you to find shuttles that go to your location and to the airport.

What is the best app to find a parking space on the street?

Parknav predicts the availability of street parking spaces in real time and displays a map of your chosen area with locations color-coded based on the probability of finding a parking space there.

What is the cheapest parking app?

The apps we’ve written about cost nothing to download. Parking apps make their money not by customers buying the car, but by collecting commissions from the city or garages and lots where people have paid to park their cars.

What is the best parking app for iPhone?

With a five-star rating and 1.2 million members, this title goes to ParkMobile.

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