$10K small business grants available through eBay and Hello Alice

Ecommerce platform eBay recently announced its third annual Up & Running Grants program to support small businesses, in partnership with Hello Alice.

$10K small business grants available through eBay and Hello Alice

The program gives 50 small-to-medium business owners a $10K grant, as well as guided online learning content. Its goal is to help entrepreneurs optimize their operations and give them the tools to scale, grow and thrive online.

Funds and resources needed to keep businesses afloat

The last subsidy round in 2021 in particular came at the right time for most recipients. About 92% of last year’s grant recipients indicated that the funds received were needed to keep their businesses running.

Also crucial to staying afloat among all of last year’s pandemic-related issues was the business development resources and mentorship opportunities also offered through Hello Alice.

The grants are intended to be used by businesses for physical and digital store improvements, new equipment and inventory, technology, recruitment and training to support success. The successful applicants will also gain access to guided online learning content through the new eBay Academy. Expert salespeople and small business growth advocates will also provide direct training and coaching.

Creating the world’s most vibrant marketplace

Andrea Stairs, vice president of eBay’s Seller Community, said of the program: “Small businesses are the backbone of eBay, bringing their rich and diverse inventory to create the world’s most vibrant marketplace. The strength of our economy depends on small business owners, and our Up & Running Grants program is part of eBay’s ongoing commitment to empowering them. We continue to find new ways to invest in small businesses and make eBay their platform of choice, with community, advice, a support system and funding.”

For the third time, eBay has partnered with the free, multichannel platform Hello Alice. The platform generally helps companies organize their business launch and grow their market, but also manages the grant program. Access to mentorship and resources for all merchants who sign up is available through Hello Alice, where pass or fail applicants can be enrolled in an online peer-to-peer network peer community.

Elizabeth Gore, co-founder and president of Hello Alice, said of the partnership with eBay: “We are excited to continue our partnership with eBay in their Up & Running Grants program to ensure that small business owners have the have that they need to succeed… This year we look forward to supporting even more eBay sellers as they grow in the marketplace, and we commend eBay for their continued support of the small businesses on the platform.”

Apply for an Up & Running Grant?

Small to medium-sized business owners can apply for an Up & Running Grant through the Hello Alice website until June 10.

To be eligible, applicants must be either an existing eBay seller with an active listing in the past six months, with an “above standard” or “top rated” performance level. Some new eBay sellers are also eligible, as long as they have joined the platform between June 1, 2021 and February 28, 2022.

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