12 apps for renting a car

Renting a car used to be a huge headache, especially for small business owners and entrepreneurs with busy schedules and the need to cut costs. However, that was before the advent of car rental apps.

Now, this handy mobile software makes it quick, easy and affordable to rent a car anywhere, whether it’s for a personal road trip or an extended business trip. These popular apps fill a need in the market as lower car ownership has led to increased demand for car rental and car sharing.

How car rental apps can benefit your business

How can using a car rental app benefit your business? Car rental apps are popular for a variety of reasons, most of which ultimately save time and money, both of which are scarce commodities for many business owners.

Not convinced? Car rental apps can benefit a small business owner in the following ways:

Convenience – Renting a car through a mobile app means that a busy small business owner can get the job done anytime, anywhere with an internet connection. Not only can they rent a vehicle with a car rental app, but many of the apps also allow them to manage reservations. Savings – Finding the best possible deal on a rental car is easy with rental car apps. Some companies offer promotional pricing to app users, while other car rental apps seek out the best deals from a wide variety of providers. Flexibility – By using a car rental app, users can access the largest selection of vehicles with the widest range of options. Some options, such as monitoring a vehicle’s performance, are only available to those who complete their car rental via a mobile app. Security – Most car rental apps use advanced encryption technology to protect users’ data and store payment information in their cloud-based app, users can complete multiple rentals without the need to re-enter personal and financial information.

Best rental car apps for businesses in 2022

With so many options to choose from, how can a small business owner decide what the best car rental apps are? We scoured the market and reviewed current rental car apps and their features to determine the 12 best car rental apps in 2022.

1. Zipcar

Zipcar has been called the fastest and easiest way to rent a car. Users can reserve cars by the day and by the hour, and the app saves them money by including gas and insurance in the cost of rental cars. Zipcar stands out in the market because it is also a car sharing app and users book private cars to meet their travel needs. The app offers a variety of vehicles to rent, including cars, vans, sedans, hybrids, and more.

2. Turo car rental

The Turo app allows users to rent cars from private car owners in their community. As the largest car rental marketplace, Turo offers its customers variety, flexibility and convenience when booking cars with the app. This awesome app even lists over 800 different cars, trucks, vans, and other vehicles — even a classic VW bus — all of which are available to rent from local hosts. The Turo app even features a chatbot feature to facilitate enhanced communication during the transaction.

3. Enterprise Rent-A-Car App

One of the best car rental apps for iOS and Android users, the Enterprise Rent-a-Car app makes it simple and easy to rent a car from a company people have trusted for decades. The Enterprise app displays maps of the closest and most convenient rental locations, plus lots of useful rental car information with easy-to-use filters to help you find the perfect rental car for your needs.

4. Getaround App

Another on-demand car rental app, Getaround is known for being similar to — but cheaper than — Turo. Users can rent cars on an hourly or daily basis from private car owners. The Getaround car rental mobile app offers choices in vehicles ranging from a basic Toyota to a sporty BMW, and the cars can be unlocked using the renter’s phone, making a seamless transaction. A car owner can also use the same app to host rental cars and earn money, by including vehicles as part of the fleet to start their own car-sharing business.

5. Skyscanner App

Some of the best apps have multiple features. Mainly used to book flights, users can also use the Skyscanner app to book a rental car. The app makes business travel easier as users can book multiple aspects of their trip from the same platform and the low car rental rates save them money. The app also provides useful details about the cars for rent, including information such as insurance details and fuel policies.

6 Hertz Car Rental App

Are you a Hertz Gold member? You can manage and redeem your Loyalty Points directly through Hertz’s car rental app. Of course, all qualified drivers can rent a car through the popular Hertz app, which gives users all the information about their rental… even when they are offline. The advanced Hertz app even has a feature to help users find the best parking spaces just like the best parking app. Business owners can take advantage of the savings they can find with the Hertz app as it also offers rental specials and even roadside assistance for its users.

7. Expedia App

Both Apple and Android users can rely on the Expedia app for booking flights, hotels and car rentals, as well as for other travel and recreational activities. Booking a rental car with the Expedia app not only makes planning business trips easy, users can also save money with exclusive deals and a loyalty program. It’s easy to collect points when booking various aspects of a trip using the Expedia app.

8. Kayak App

Entrepreneurs can easily organize multiple aspects of their business trips from one place by using the Kayak app to book their flights and car rentals. The mobile app is also available offline to save battery and provides secure booking as it can store rental and payment information for future reservations. The app also helps users navigate airports, hospitals, and restaurants with step-by-step directions.

9. Budget car rental app

The Budget Car Rental app offers users many of the same features as other popular car rental apps, but it also offers the option to rent larger vehicles, such as vans, to transport property from one place to another – ideal for moving to a move to a new apartment. One of the most affordable mobile car rental apps in the United States or Canada, Budget Car Rental customers can also use the platform to rent a car, truck, SUV, or hatchback, and they can view all of their rental information from the app .

10. Priceline App

People have been relying on Priceline for years to book affordable flights, lodging, and car rentals. The company now has a mobile app that allows users to easily book their rides. However, not only can they use the Priceline app to book their rental car, but the travel service also offers the best deals available from various rental companies, whether it be a fuel-efficient or a luxury car.

11. Alamo Car Rental App

Alamo’s car rental app makes it easy to find the right type of rental car, whether it’s a small car or a large SUV to carry all of your family members. The app clearly displays certain rental data such as how many passengers a vehicle will carry, its gas mileage and even how many suitcases it can hold. Users can save time collecting their rental by using the app to pre-enter their personal information. Users can also save money by registering for an Alamo Insider account.

12. CarRentals App

Want to make sure you get the best car hire possible? CarRentals app users can see the lowest rates from any major car rental company and platform, all in the same location. The CarRentals mobile app has been called the easiest and fastest way to reserve a car and offers the possibility to rent a wide variety of cars, including electric cars and 4 wheel drive vehicles. The app stores driver data, making it even easier to use for future reservations.

How to choose the best car rental company

Those are some impressive options, but which car rental app is the best? Each user’s needs will be different, so it’s important to consider the following when choosing the best car rental company for you.

What type of car do you need? Not every car rental app offers the same car type. Are you looking for a small sedan, a truck, a luxury vehicle or even a van? You will find a mobile app that meets your needs. Some apps even offer features such as performance improvements in certain rental cars. Do you need roadside assistance? If you want access to roadside assistance during your rental, look for a rental car app that offers this feature. What about liability insurance? While some car rental apps include liability insurance with their rentals, others sell it for an additional cost, while others may not offer it at all. Keep this potential need in mind when choosing the best car rental app. Where is the location? Where should you pick up and drop off your rental car? Search for a car rental app with the most convenient pick-up and drop-off locations for your business trip or vacation. What is your budget? Since different car rental apps contain different types of vehicles and different services, the cost of a rental car can vary widely. Are you looking for a cheap rental car or do you want to splurge on a luxury vehicle? Choose the car rental app accordingly.

What is the most popular car rental app?

What is the best car rental app? One of the most popular car sharing apps is Turo because the app contains the largest car rental marketplace. Not only does this give customers a lot of flexibility and choice in their area, but Turo users can also pick up or have their car delivered. Car owners can even share their vehicles through the car sharing feature of the Turo app for extra passive income.

Which app lets you rent someone’s car?

Some car rental apps allow car owners to list their own vehicles for rent on the marketplace. The Turo app offers the largest business marketplace for carsharing, but other great options for renting someone’s car include the Getaround app and Zipcar.

What’s the easiest place to rent a car?

The best car rental app largely depends on the primary goal of the user. Are you looking for the most user-friendly platform, the easiest rental experience or the lowest cost? One of the easiest rental car apps to use and store is the CarRentals mobile app, as it gives users access to inventories from all the other major platforms combined.

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