12 Cheapest Places to Buy Printer Ink Online

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Anyone who has ever owned and used a printer knows how expensive replacement ink cartridges can be. It is especially important for a small business to have access to affordable ink cartridges to control costs. But where can you buy ink cartridges without breaking the bank? Fortunately, several online retailers offer printer ink cartridges, toner cartridges, and other ink products at prices that are much more affordable than the printer manufacturers.

What is the cheapest place to buy printer ink online?

Called the cheapest place to buy printer ink online, Carrot Ink offers prices for printer ink cartridges and printer ink refills up to 80% off the manufacturer’s pricing structure. Research has shown that the site usually beats the prices of competing ink sellers by a dollar or two. Carrot Ink also has an impressive inventory and usually stocks printer inks for almost all manufacturers and models.

Best Places to Buy Cheap Printer Ink Cartridges Online in 2022

Where can you buy cheap ink cartridges online? You are not dependent on printer ink from the manufacturer. Instead, choose from a variety of compatible ink cartridges and remanufactured ink and toner cartridges from your choice of online ink stores.

#1. carrot ink

One of the best sources for cheap printer ink cartridges, Carrot Ink has inks for almost every printer brand and printer model. The website boasts positive reviews from customers who enjoy the lowest prices on the market for many types of printer ink. In fact, the seller offers certain ink products for as little as $6.95. Customers also enjoy free shipping on orders over $40.

#2. CompAndSave

CompAndSave advertises printer cartridges for as little as $2.99 ​​each, although that specific price can be hard to find on the site. Either way, the ink and toner dealer offers a wide range of affordable ink and toner cartridges that are competitively priced. The site has thousands of positive customer reviews, and when users sign up for the supplier’s newsletter, they enjoy free shipping on orders over $35. Otherwise, free shipping is available to all customers who spend at least $50.

#3. ClickInk

Another online ink retailer that specializes in inexpensive toner cartridges and printer ink is ClickInks. The website offers a large selection of affordable printer ink cartridges, fax ink cartridges, laser toner, photo paper, and other office supplies. ClickInks offers both OEM cartridges and third-party replacement cartridges that demonstrate compatibility, and customers enjoy buy 2, get 1 free deals, as well as a variety of loyalty price benefits. This ink seller even offers a low price guarantee, bulk discounts and free returns. Orders of at least $50 enjoy free shipping.

#4. 4InkJets

4InkJets is another website that offers cheap printer ink. The ink retailer offers alternative printing supplies that deliver professional results at affordable prices, including ink cartridge replacement, refill kits, and other printing supplies. Not only does 4InkJets offer competitive pricing for printer ink, but the company also accepts a variety of coupons and codes to keep costs down at checkout. 4InkJets customers also enjoy free shipping if they spend at least $50.

#5. 123InkJets

123InkJets not only offers printer inks for a wide variety of makes and models, but the online retailer sells both OEM and remanufactured ink cartridges, as well as printing supplies such as paper, printer accessories and 3D printing materials. While the costs are still competitive compared to the manufacturer’s prices, they can be slightly higher than some other discount ink stores. 123InkJets customers are treated to a wide variety of payment options, including PayPal and Amazon Pay, and shipping is free on orders over $55.

#6. 499Ink

According to this online ink seller, cartridges start as low as $4.99 and customers save an average of 70% in price comparisons with manufacturers. 499Inks offers flat shipping to international customers and US orders over $59 ship for free. The merchant also has a program that offers $4.99 lifetime ink cartridges when customers purchase their new printer through the website.

#7. ink gripper

Another online printer ink retailer, InkGrabber, offers ink cartridges from 135 brands of printers, including both OEM and remanufactured cartridges. The family-owned business offers competitive prices to comparable retailers, but some customers prefer the site for its wide selection of printer inks. Shipping is free for purchases of at least $75 or a flat fee of $8.95 for shipping in the United States or Canada.

#8. inkcartridges.com

Small businesses choose to purchase their replacement ink cartridges from Inkcartridges.com because they always receive free shipping in the United States with no minimum purchase threshold. The printer ink supplier offers a wide selection of both printer ink and toner cartridges from popular brands at affordable prices. It even offers a generous 2-year 100% satisfaction guarantee, longer than most competitors.

#9. SwiftInk

SwiftInk advertises prices close to wholesale prices for the selection of replacement printer ink and toner cartridges. It can even boast that its ink costs as much as 75% less than comparable OEM cartridges. US customers enjoy free shipping on orders of at least $50, and the ink seller offers a lifetime warranty on its products, ideal for customers who need to buy ink cartridges in bulk. Most orders are even shipped the same day for fast delivery.

#10. Best Buy

The huge electronics store offers a wide variety of printer ink, toner and accessories from some of the industry’s leading brands. Customers can choose to have their replacement ink cartridges shipped to them, or they can pick them up from nearby brick-and-mortar Best Buy stores. The Best Buy website not only offers customer reviews and price comparisons, but Best Buy customers can join the company’s rewards program and receive a $5 rewards certificate for every 250 points earned.

#11. Amazon

Another place where you can find a wide variety of printer inks is Amazon. The e-commerce giant’s website pulls up thousands of results for printer inks, including brand-compatible and refilled cartridges, and customers can search by brand or price. Amazon’s website also offers price comparisons, making it easier to save money. Amazon Prime members are treated to free shipping on all their orders, which usually arrive within 2 days.

#12. eBay

Like Amazon customers, eBay customers gain access to a global marketplace of vetted ink suppliers with positive reseller ratings. eBay offers deals on a range of printer ink cartridges and other printer accessories. The online auction and e-commerce website also offers a ranking system for the best-selling products. Some items even offer free shipping.

Types of ink cartridges

There are several types of ink cartridges available to replace printer ink, each with its own price range and benefits. The most common types of ink cartridges sold by online retailers include:

OEM Ink Cartridges – Also known as branded ink, original manufacturer cartridges (OEM ink cartridges) are usually the most expensive variety of replacement ink for printers, although some consumers prefer to stick with a trusted name over cheap ink cartridges. Remanufactured Cartridges – Some inexpensive printer inks come in remanufactured cartridges, which are brand-name used cartridges that are recycled to make new printer ink cartridges. Remanufactured ink cartridges are popular for their low cost, and businesses can be proud to know that they have purchased a more durable product.Compatible Generic Ink – Generic inks that are compatible with various printer brands are a popular choice for replacement printer inks. Not only are there several inexpensive ink cartridges of this type, but a new compatible generic ink cartridge can be sold for a fraction of the cost of a comparable OEM cartridge. Printer Ink Refills – Many places that sell cheap printer ink also have refill kits so that customers can refill their own existing printer cartridges. While refilling empty ink cartridges may be a more affordable option, it also requires a messy undertaking that many small business owners prefer to avoid.

How to choose the best printer ink for your business

When it’s time to buy new cartridges, how do you choose the best printer ink for your business? A few primary factors should be considered, including:

Printer Model

The printer brand and printer series are paramount in determining the price of ink as each model has its own compatible cartridges. When companies buy new printers, they should always consider the cost of compatible ink cartridges when determining their printing needs.

Shipping options

Some ink stores offer free shipping for purchases over a certain amount, but not all. It is important to consider the shipping costs when buying cheap ink cartridges, otherwise you risk losing any cost savings by paying the shipping costs.

Customer service

What kind of customer support and product guarantees does the ink seller offer? Many customers enjoy the peace of mind that comes with knowing that the retailer will stand behind their products if they are faulty or ineffective. Other customers look for an ink seller who offers excellent customer support so that their concerns are always handled with care.


Obviously, price is a primary concern for customers looking for cheap printer ink cartridges. Fortunately, several online ink stores offer price comparisons so customers can make sure they get the best bargain.

What is the cheapest ink type for printers?

Some printer brands certainly offer cheaper ink cartridges than others. Some printer brands with cheaper replacement ink cartridges are Canon, Hewlett-Packard and Epson. Companies still need to research the ink costs for each individual printer model before making a purchase, and of course, generic compatible cartridges and remanufactured cartridges are always cheaper options.

Where is the cheapest place to buy toner cartridges online?

Toner for laser printers can cost significantly more than other types of printer ink. Fortunately, several online print shops also sell laser toners at a discount. Small businesses can check out 123InkJets and InkGrabber toner cartridge deals for deals on toner for their laser printers.

Is black ink cheaper than color?

Black ink cartridges for printers are almost always cheaper than color ink cartridges. Not only do the cartridges cost less to replace, but they typically hold more ink than a comparable color print cartridge.

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