15 Macrame Ideas to Make and Sell

Macramé is currently experiencing a revival. The craft of knots, which was popular in the 1970s, opens up countless opportunities for crafty entrepreneurs.

Part of the rising popularity has to do with the bohemian decor styles circulating on Pinterest and decor blogs. But it is also a very practical craft to learn, as it mainly involves tying rope or other fibers in unique patterns. And with just a few basic materials you can get at a craft or home improvement store, you can create a variety of products that are ready to wear, display in your home, or sell to others online or at local markets.

If you’re looking for macrame ideas for your crafty business, here are 15 types of products to consider.

Macramé Ideas for Small Handmade Businesses

wall hangings

If you really want to get creative with colours, patterns and textures, wall hangings might be the perfect option. These are basically 3D wall art that can contain all different types of ropes and fibers. You can stick to a simple knot pattern or even try to create a recognizable image.

Hanging Plant Holders

Hanging plants can be a great way to brighten up a space. And macrame provides a perfect method of holding those plants in place. Simply make a series of knots holding a planter and tie the material above it so it can rest easily on an overhead hook.

Producing bags

Today, masses of people are looking for simple ways to eliminate waste, such as plastic bags. You can provide an eco-friendly solution by tying together sustainable twine or fibers to create reusable product bags that people can take to the grocery store.


For those looking for more stylish macrame ideas, add some extra colors or knotty textures to create a bag that offers a unique and memorable style.


If you want to make small macrame pieces, make simple jewelry such as knotty necklaces, bracelets, or even earrings that resemble feathers. This is especially helpful for those looking to sell products online, as small items are easy to ship.


Macrame is also great for belts as you can easily create a long knotted pattern that offers both style and durability. You can attach a buckle to the end or even just close the belt.


Another fashion related product, you can attach rope or fiber to the base of sandals and then make a small series of knots to hold the top part of the sandals in place. This product is perfect for the summer or for those selling around popular holiday destinations.

Pot Hangers

At home, some customers may want to start small herb gardens in their kitchen or hang small tea light candles around their patio. Small glass jars are the perfect vehicle for these purposes, and with simple macramé hangers, customers can easily place those jars in their home or yard.


If you want to make something small and decorative, consider making macramé ornaments. These can be in the form of spheres or even mini wall hangings just made to be placed on a tree during the holidays. Stick to basic fibers for bohemian-style Christmas decor, or add a few festive touches to appeal to a wide audience.


Similarly, you can make a garland to match Christmas decorations or to dress up a variety of special events. With macrame, you can make the garland create a sort of fringe at the bottom so that the piece becomes a real focal point.


For those looking to make larger home products, macrame can be an effective way of making curtains. You can offer simple designs that are purely decorative, or combine your creation with a plain fabric to create a more functional curtain.


If you want to keep it on a smaller scale, you can make macrame patterns that are round or even fringed. This makes it the perfect solution for creating coaster sets that match retro or natural-inspired interiors.

Lighting Fixtures

Macrame can also be used to create eye-catching chandeliers and lighting fixtures. Basically you can make knots that go in a circle around the light. You can then sell the decorative feature or integrate it into a lamp or a real light fixture that stands completely on its own.


Macrame has always been a popular method of making hammocks. The knotty structure offers both comfort and durability. If you go this route, it can be beneficial to sell locally, as these products tend to be a bit larger. However, you can also only sell the fabric section that fits existing bases.

Camera Straps

If you like to stick to smaller items, macrame is perfect for making strong camera straps for DSLRs. Create unique patterns that dress up cameras a bit for photographers. You can also use this for camera bag straps.

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