17 Actionable Team Building for Budding Entrepreneurs

Taking your business to new heights starts with building a great team. Remember that you cannot get all things related to work done by yourself. You need a reliable team of skilled employees that can get things done without making mistakes. Here are seventeen tips you can adopt to build a great team – let’s dive in! 

  1. Improve your workspace

You cannot expect to have a great team in a substandard workspace. Focus on the development of your office and try to make it perfect for your employees. Make the work environment jolly by adding vibrant colours to your workspace. 

Keep the workspace clean and decluttered to avoid distractions and diseases. It’s not required to hire sanitation workers as you can hire services like commercial cleaning in Sydney. Buy ergonomic furniture for your staff to help them work without getting tired. 

  1. Make your team feel good

You have to show your employees that you value the work they do. Employee retention starts with making your employees feel secure about their job. A survey done by APA has revealed that employees find it easy to get work done when they think their employers value them. 

Let your employees know if some client praises their work. Focus on intentional communication to ensure that your employees are connected with your company. 

  1. Introduce great rewards

Rewards can help your employees keep up the good work. A 10% yearly incentive is not a big reason for your employees to stick with your company. Introduce performance-based increments and rewards for your employees. 

It can take some time to build a strong reward system. You can get ideas from reward systems introduced by other companies to increase employee engagement and retention. 

  1. Stay in touch with your staff

It’s not enough to have the personal credentials of your employees noted on a list. You have to build “Human connections” with your employees to know them better. 

You won’t have a chance to form bonds with your team members if they only focus on a 9-5 work shift. Arrange fun activities to help you stay connected with your employees. 

  1. Encourage natural conversations

A conversation with your employees doesn’t always have to be about work. You can arrange fun activities in your workspace to improve communication with your employees. 

No employee would open up to share their problems with you. Instead of forcing a conversation, hold fun activities that encourage your employees to get acquainted with each other. 

  1. Focus on having fun

As depicted in movies, work doesn’t have to be boring and stiff. Fun activities can lighten up the mood of your employees and help them do their best on their job. Introduce indoor games as they can easily be integrated with the daily work routine.

Spending time outside the workspace is also good for team building. Arrange trips to exotic places to help your workers feel easy. 

  1. Focus on diversity

Diversity can also improve productivity in your workspace. You have to hire people from different backgrounds to build a great culture in your team. 

Improve your hiring routines to attract talented people from diverse backgrounds. You can outsource the hiring process by working with a recruitment agency to build a diverse team easily. 

  1. Highlight the top players

Employee appraisal is the key to building a great team. Identification and praise of top employees promote healthy competition among your employees. Put a system in place that helps you identify top players in your company. For example, you can introduce the “Employee of the Month” award to pick the top performers in your workspace. 

  1. Create a flexible work schedule

Hectic 9-5 shifts cannot help your employees perform their best. Introduce flexible work hours to ensure that your employees maintain a proper work-life balance. It would help if you allowed your employees to have one day of WFH during workdays to make a flexible schedule. 

  1. Involve everyone in decision making

Being a leader doesn’t mean you have to force your decision on others. Involve everyone in the decision-making process to bring policies that benefit everyone. You should introduce voting if you want to announce a new policy in your company. Let everyone play their part for the betterment of your company. 

  1. Train your employees

You’ll have to provide good training to your employees to help them do their best. Arrange regular training sessions for your team to help them get valuable skills. Invite the thought leaders of your industry to your workspace to provide the best knowledge to your team. 

  1. Give a chance to your workers

Rigid work policies can inhibit your team’s progress instead of boosting their productivity. Allow your employees to work in teams and help them get things done in new ways. Promote creativity in your workspace to ensure that your business keeps growing, and you stay ahead of your competitors. 

  1. Hold networking events

Allowing your employees to connect with top minds in your industry is important to build a great team. Hold networking events at your workspace to help your employees connect with amazing people. Take your employees to network events held elsewhere to help them improve their skill set. 

  1. Team building in short-term projects

Most companies make the mistake of not valuing short-term projects. If your team has to work consistently on long-term projects, it doesn’t mean you have to ignore short-term projects. Let your employees try new things by focusing on creativity in short-term projects. Introduce rewards for successful completion of short-term projects to keep employees motivated. 

  1. Build a safe space for testing ideas

Following a rigid routine of getting things done won’t take your business anywhere. Introduce a proper system of testing new ideas in your workspace. Allow your employees to sharpen their skills by letting them work on new ideas. Hold competition among your employees to find out which of your workers have a flair for creativity. 

  1. Keep the activities relevant to work

Arranging fun activities doesn’t strictly mean holding events that are only “For Fun.” Introduce events and activities for your team that are relevant to work. Let your employees raise their voices and encourage them to help you introduce new activities to your workspace. 

  1. Implement employee-friendly policies 

Running a company doesn’t mean that you have to always think about making money. Focus on introducing policies that are good for your employees. Take decisions that benefit your company and encourage your workers to do their best. 

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