23 Wellness Wednesday tips to share with employees

Wellness Wednesday is a perfect reminder to work on a healthy lifestyle. Entrepreneurs often need an excuse to take breaks and focus on wellness. And sharing wellness tips with employees can make your entire workplace healthier. Here are some Wellness Wednesday ideas to pass on.

1. Practice meditation

Meditation offers many proven benefits. It can relieve stress, improve focus, and even boost creativity. Encourage every day to devote time to breathwork or guided rest; even a few minutes can be helpful.

2. Plan an Exercise Routine

Fitness is not just a way to lose weight. A solid exercise program can also lead to increased energy, higher self-esteem and better mood. Encourage team members to find a method they like and apply it in their daily routine.

3. Reduce Your Caffeine Intake

Excess caffeine can increase anxiety. And enjoying a caffeine boost in the afternoon can potentially disrupt sleep. Switching to decaf, herbal tea, or water can support mental health and sleep function.

4. Train during your lunch break

Physical activity doesn’t have to be time consuming. Build healthy habits throughout the day in the small time slots. For example, take a walk or do a quick yoga session during your lunch break.

5. Eat fresh fruits and vegetables

Small steps can dramatically improve your diet over time. Instead of cutting something out, just add more fresh produce to every meal. These foods contain tons of nutrients and make you feel fuller so there’s less room for clutter later on.

6. Practice Sleep Hygiene

Working on improving sleep can lower stress levels and improve brain function. Create a nighttime routine, close screens and keep your room dark and quiet at night.

7. Try Yoga

Yoga is a low-impact option that can build strength and improve mental health. Try a class or find a video workout online.

8. Reduce Your Sugar Intake

Sugar is a big part of most people’s diets. Instead, cut down on sweets and sugary drinks to improve energy levels naturally.

9. Perfect your work-life balance

Spending time with family, friends and the community is important for mental health. No matter how focused you are on your work, create moments when you turn off devices and have fun or slow down and rest.

10. Disconnect from your devices

Constantly being connected to social media and email can lead to added stress and stimulation. Take breaks on the weekend or during dinner or family time by leaving your phone in another room or turning it off completely.

11. Count your steps

Dedicated exercise isn’t the only way to maintain a healthy weight and improve cardiovascular fitness. Exercise in your daily life, such as the short walk to your office, can also contribute to your wellness goals. Use a fitness tracker to count how many steps you take each day, so you’re motivated to work out with more exercise.

12. Improve Oral Hygiene

Dental health contributes to heart health and can reduce the chances of various conditions such as diabetes. Brush and floss daily and visit your dentist twice a year to reduce the risk of tooth decay and gum disease.

13. Practice Gratitude

Feeling grateful for what you have can improve your mood and lead to a happier world. Every morning or evening, write down three things you are grateful for to build this into your routine.

14. Track Your Water Intake

Do you drink enough water every day? Most people aren’t sure, so keep a note on your desk or on your smartphone. Then increase the hydration if necessary.

15. Enjoy a green smoothie

Green smoothies can contain tons of nutrition. Add fruits, vegetables, seeds, nut butters and proteins every day for a balanced snack.

16. Stretch all day long

Sitting at a desk all day is bad for your spine and joints. Send employees reminders to get up and stretch or walk about once an hour.

17. Learn a new skill

Just like with physical fitness, your brain needs exercise to improve strength and resilience. There are countless ways to do this: learn an instrument, practice a new language, or complete challenging puzzles.

18. Build breaks into your schedule

Don’t wait until the weekend or a long vacation to rest. Block off parts of your schedule to sit and eat quietly, enjoy nature, or just laze around the house.

19. Start a new hobby

Do something fun to increase the fun in your life and reduce stress. Try painting, join a club, or browse thrift stores for collectibles.

20. Try Therapy

Talking through stress can improve your mood, relationships, and lifestyle. Some people are resistant to therapy. But there are plenty of options, including in-person, phone, video, and texting sessions.

21. Meal Prep for the Week

It can be hard to eat healthy when you’re always in a rush. Instead of always going to the nearest fast food restaurant or vending machine, plan food ahead of time and prepare them every Sunday so you are ready for the week.

22. Spend time in nature

Spending time outdoors can improve your mood and increase your vitamin D. Try working outside for an afternoon, reading on your patio, or turning off the treadmill for a real walk.

23. Take a deep breath

Breathing helps more oxygen travel to all your organs and tissues. Your body naturally does this. But sometimes you just need a moment to really relax and rejuvenate your body and mind.

How to Use These Wellness Tips to Promote Healthy Habits in Employees

The Wellness Wednesday tips above can help both you and your employees make healthier choices. To share them, you need to think about how you normally communicate with your team and get into the habit of regularly sharing health-related content there.

Wellness Wednesday Tip of the Week

Sometimes it helps to have a weekly habit of sharing tips. Make it a tradition that employees look forward to every Wednesday.

Share tips at the end of meetings

One option is to incorporate wellness tips into your weekly staff meetings. Just share a thought at the beginning or end, or have team members share their own thoughts and experiences so you can all learn from each other.

Create a thread in your team’s communication app

If you have a remote team or mostly communicate virtually, start a thread for tips and other articles related to wellness so everyone can share together.

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