3 Simple Tips About Placing Your Air Purifier

If you’re buying an air filter or portable air purifier in Singapore, knowing where to place the device can help maximise its effectiveness. Many of us spend a huge part of our life indoors. So whether you’re staying at home, at school or working in an office, it’s crucial that the air that we breathe is clean. 

Thus, knowing where to place your air filter device can dramatically improve the quality of air that you breathe. In contrast, placing it in poor locations will severely harm its effectiveness. So, if you own or plan to buy a HEPA air purifier in Singapore, learning where to put them is crucial knowledge. Without further ado, here are the basic guidelines for placing your air purifier:

1. Keep the device’s area of coverage in mind

Not all air purifying devices have equal coverage. If your device has more than a thousand square feet, you don’t place and keep it inside your bedroom. You can put it in a larger area where your air purifier device can accommodate it. However, if the device has a smaller coverage, consider sticking it to smaller rooms, such as bedrooms.

2. Avoid placing it in corners

If you’re going to buy an air purifier in Singapore, it’s never a good idea to keep it sticking in the corner or tight spaces. In fact, it’s one of the most common mistakes that people make when owning a device. Placing it in a corner significantly decreases its effectiveness. Thus, consider placing it in an open area with at least a few foot space between the back, front, sides and top. 

3. Place it beside the source of the problem

It might seem like common sense. However, many still overlook this rule. Instead, many end up placing the device in the corner of the room. Whether you plan to buy a large or mini air purifier in Singapore, the best location to put them is within the vicinity where the odour or mould is coming from. 
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