3 Tips On Digital Signing Solutions

A digital signature is a digital certificate based on Public Key Infrastructure (PKI) that verifies the signer’s identity. Digital signatures are safe and guarantee that the signed papers have no alterations or falsification. If you opt for the legibility and authenticity of your virtual signature, then digital signing solutions are the best option.

Digital signing solutions demonstrate the document’s legitimacy and simplify distributing copies online without worrying about content manipulation. Here are things to consider when selecting digital signing solutions.

1. Efficiently seals the document.

You should be able to add your graphical signature to the paper using digital signature technologies to seal it using standard technology when choosing the right digital signing solutions.

Some solutions allow you to sign any Microsoft Word document graphically. Any recipient of this signed document may easily make changes while maintaining the integrity of the graphical electronic signature. This security hole makes fraud and forgeries possible. The used approach merely adds a digital ‘image’ of the signature to the paper; it does not seal the document, confirm the integrity of the signer, or ensure that there can be no changes in the transaction.

2. Digital signing should be easy to use.

In the realm of traditional paper, signing a document is easy, simple, and fast. Signing a copy in the digital, paperless era should be just as simple. To make sure the document is signed, sealed, and in compliance with the law, it shouldn’t take longer than 10 seconds or a few mouse clicks. Users shouldn’t need to become familiar with new technology or seek help from a Help Desk. As much as digital signing is effective, you must ensure it’s simple and reliable.

 3. It must conform to compliance.

Paper-based or electronic documents and transactions must adhere to several exacting standards to be deemed legally enforceable. It is essential to understand that digital signature solutions must also meet the requirements for a ‘wet’ signature. It must be true, uphold integrity, protect privacy, be enforced, and be unchallengeable.
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