30-day challenge to optimize your mind, body and soul

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Webster’s defines optimization as making the best or most effective use of (a situation, opportunity, or resource). In this situation, you are the resource that will be made better everywhere.

In just 30 days you can train your mind, build your body and connect your soul. This gives you access to your most optimized self as a person and leader. Doing this will force everyone around you to get better too. Here’s how to optimize your mind, body, and soul in 30 days:

Sleep more than seven hours every day

We live in a massive crowd. Everyone praises those who work hard, but demonizes those who sleep. As a leader, you must lead the conversation with your actions. So make it a priority to sleep seven hours or more for the next 30 days. Jeff Bezos makes sure he gets eight hours of sleep every night and preaches this to his leadership and the world at large.

As a leader, your influence helps others understand the importance of a good night’s sleep. They will also see that making sure their bodies get enough rest is just as important as making sure they are doing their job when they are awake. You cannot optimize without good sleep, because sleep is the starting point.

Optimized leaders get seven hours of sleep every night. So, for the next 30 days, keep a record of your sleep and note how you feel. I guarantee you will have a heightened sense of well-being, tremendous energy and tremendous clarity like never before.

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Train for 15 minutes every day

The aim is to move the body every day. We weren’t designed or made to sit at the desk all day, come home and mindlessly watch TV and do it all over again. Exercising makes the body fit for the long term and the daily struggle of leadership.

Time and again I hear from clients that going to the gym every day has a positive impact on their work performance. Regardless of how you feel emotionally, the discipline to go every day will translate into your job performance and how you show yourself as a leader.

Drink a liter of water every day

Our body consists of 80% water. And just a small drop in water level can lead to a sub-optimal output from your body. As a leader, you always want to be in the best possible position to make the best choices for your team. So making sure you drink a liter of water daily will increase your sense of well-being, clear your mind and sharpen your focus.

Order a gallon jug from Amazon and fill it with water to make yourself comfortable. Then make sure you finish that water before going to bed. Another way to make sure you’re getting all that water is to focus on drinking water when you’re hungry, because the body’s signals for hunger and thirst are the same. If you feel like grabbing a snack go for some water, you will be surprised how you feel when you do.

Diary every day

As a leader you are constantly battling stress – not just work stress, but also physical, mental and psychological stress. As a leader, you often have to put your stress aside and take on the burden of your teams. If all the responsibilities you carry through stress are not relieved on a daily basis, you will burn out quickly, make wrong decisions or worse. Stress is a silent killer that leads to many problems, so you should keep a daily journal to put that stress on paper.

Stress is energy and energy is not created or destroyed, but it is possible to transfer it. The most positive and one of the safest ways to deal with those daily stressors is to keep a journal. I say safest, because you can write in your journal about whatever and whoever you want, and it’s your safe place with yourself. However, talking to another person about the stress in your life can potentially come out and do more harm than good.

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Read five pages of a book every day

Leaders are readers. With the way the world is changing rapidly every day, you need to read to stay ahead of not only with the information, but also to keep your mind sharp. The average person picks up their last book after college, and from reading you this far, I know you don’t want to be average at all. It’s easy to believe that five pages is nothing and you can do more, but shoot for five pages, and when you get more, great.

Meditate for five minutes every day

You have thousands if not millions of thoughts that come to mind every day. As a leader, you constantly think of others and put yourself second. As a result, you give yourself a huge backlog in your head.

Set a timer for five minutes. Take the time to lie down on the floor and just close your eyes. Let your thoughts flow freely while you just breathe. Meditating is my secret weapon for clearing my head and renewing my thoughts so I can catch up with myself. You cannot be the most optimized version if you always give to others and never to yourself. Being selfish and giving to yourself is critical to this task.

Express gratitude every day

Life doesn’t allow you to be a happy person 24/7. That is impossible, and you would be committing emotional neglect of your other emotions. However, you can always chase the good in all situations and focus on being satisfied.

Happiness is an emotion that comes and goes. However, having a positive outlook is a character trait that you can develop. You develop it by expressing gratitude every day for three things in your life. It could be the birds singing in the morning, the warm water flowing, or the leadership position you are grateful for. Perform this simple yet powerful task every day and you will be optimized and become a more positive light in a dark world.

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Put everything together

In just 30 days you will see your mind, body and soul more aligned, optimized and positive. But be careful, because your energy will be contagious and the results will be addictive. Don’t force it, but remember that progress is always better than perfection. Even if you miss a task or a day, you just reset tomorrow.

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