4 Types of Ergonomic Office Chairs in Singapore

What is the first thing when you think of interior design principles? You might conjure up an image of a lavish home, elegant mansion, or even an upscale condominium unit.  When we think of an interior designer, we often picture someone restoring or building a beautiful home. But other types of interiors exist— for example, the humble office building. Even the choice of an office chair or the placement of a meeting table in Singapore counts as interior design. And sometimes, commercial or office interior design makes a bigger difference than residential interior design. 

Commercial spaces differ from residential ones in significant ways, especially in the design process. If you’ve ever called an interior designer to renovate your home, you may already know your personal preferences and needs come before other factors. Commercial design is different in that it focuses more on creating usable public spaces that multiple people use for business purposes.

Business functions are the defining purpose of commercial spaces. Many types of areas fall under the commercial sphere, such as retail outlets, restaurants, airports, schools, and many others that you might not think of initially. The most common commercial space by far may have to be the office.

An office is the company’s centre and the beating heart of the operations. Without an office, employees would be hard-pressed to complete most of their tasks. Your work and your employees are why you need to plan this crucial area. With thorough renovation and direction, your office will serve you well.

Why Furniture Matters in Office Interior Design

While you are free to buy a cheaper conference table in Singapore without much thought, you are not getting the best office layout if you do this for all your choices. One needs to plan their office accordingly if they want a desirable outcome. Budget is a vital consideration, but other factors are at play.

One point is that offices can be considered both public and private spaces. Offices are the domain of many employees, but they are not completely open to the public. You need to pay attention to how multiple people interact and use the space.

Office interior design is an area where companies conduct their business. Noisy or disorganised workplaces severely impact productivity. While it does not seem like much, it can add to employee frustrations and slow down business growth in the long run. 

Your choice of furniture, the layout, and other factors can shape how employees feel about their workplaces. It can help quicken their pace and improve productivity. Something as simple as purchasing a foldable table in Singapore might even make things more convenient for them.

If you want to know how to improve your office layout and enjoy these perks, you will pay attention to the one piece of furniture that carries the biggest impact: the humble chair. The office chair may look unassuming, but it makes the difference between a good office experience and an unbearable one.

4 Types of Office Chairs for Good Office Interior Design


Think about the chairs you use for your office and whether your people are satisfied with using them. If you are receiving complaints about the comfort levels your chair provides, it is time to replace them. Even when choosing chairs for your office for the first time, you should pay extra attention to what you use. Even visitors to your office might think that your chairs are inadequate if you do not choose them wisely. Here are some chairs that you may be able to choose for your office.

1) Lounge chairs

Most offices use a lounge chair type in Singapore in their reception areas, lobbies, and (you guessed it) employee lounges. As these are chairs made specifically for comfort, you would want to place them in rest areas and other places where visitors may linger. Lounge chairs are also perfect for a casual business setup, so if you want to encourage a laid-back atmosphere, you can use this type of chair in meeting places.

2) Kneeling chairs

If you haven’t heard of short-term chairs, this might be a good introduction to them. Kneeling chairs are short-term chairs that help ease back pain and prevent lower back issues. However, they are not suitable for long-term use because they can lead to leg cramps and severely limit leg use. But kneeling chairs and other short-term chairs are perfect for alternative chair use in case your standard chairs are not enough for your employees.

3) Computer chairs

The standard computer chair is found in many offices, usually next to standard desks and computers. If you want a basic office feel, you should use this type of chair. However, even if you want a standard office, it does not mean you need to go for an uncomfortable cheap computer chair. You can still find many high-quality chairs if you look in the right place. You can even get an ergonomic office chair in Singapore that your employees will surely appreciate.

4) Conference chairs

If you need something that looks a little more professional than the average computer or office chair for meetings, entertaining guests, and brainstorming various ideas, then the conference chair is the perfect chair type for your business. The conference chair has a low backrest and armrest to facilitate open discussion spaces. Conference chairs also seat the user a little more forward compared to other types of chairs— this helps encourage them to contribute to more conversations. Use conference chairs in boardrooms, conference rooms, meeting rooms, and other similar room types which need engagement from all participants.

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