5 Jobs That Will Put You at Risk of Vein Diseases

Every adult has to work for a living, whether renting an apartment or still living with their parents. It is a way of life, and everyone will go through this system as a productive citizen. But working is a complicated thing for most people. Some love their jobs, others hate them, and some have a love-hate relationship. 

Others may feel fulfilled at work, but their health may become at risk from spider veins in Singapore. Indeed, looking for the perfect job can be challenging, but for sure, there is a career path suited for your skills, preferences, and happiness. 

However, most people only consider the salary when looking for a job. Some ignore the fact that their health is also essential. Unfortunately, some careers can contribute to vein health issues. So, as a working adult, learn the typical jobs that can cause varicose or spider veins. Only this way a professional adult can protect themselves from getting this disease. 

Jobs That May Put You at Risk of Vein Diseases

When a person graduates from college, the next step is to work in the preferred career path. However, some passions might not be healthy for a person. For instance, some people want to become a doctor. The reality of med school is harsh because they need to pull an all night to study. Others are passionate about being an engineer, but the work can harm their health due to field exposure. 

Remember, there is nothing wrong with following your passion because the essential thing is you know how to protect yourself from developing diseases like spider veins in Singapore.

Here is the list of the jobs that may put you at risk of vein diseases.

1) Educators 

Teachers have to stand all day long when teaching multiple classes in a day. The pressure on the legs can cause varicose or spider veins in Singapore. Not to say that people should choose a teaching career, but there is a better way to handle this situation. For instance, when teaching a class, you can sit for at least five to ten minutes when the students are taking an exam or take the break time as an advantage to sit down on a chair to rest your feet. 

It is also the same with online classes because teachers have to sit in front of a laptop for long hours. If this is the case, find time to walk for at least 10 minutes during the break.

Solution You Should Know: Since you are a teacher, you can visit a vein clinic in Singapore and ask about the appropriate shoes to wear when teaching a face-to-face class. This way, it can limit the pressure on your legs. 

2) Restaurant Servers and Bartenders

With the customer demands, servers have to walk fast when providing orders. Unfortunately, it may take a toll on your health as it can lead to vein diseases. Like teachers, you will put pressure on your feet and affect the blood flow. Plus, if you are working for an extended period, it can add additional pain to your legs. 

If you ignore this, it may lead to vascular surgery in Singapore. Remember, it is not to encourage someone to resign from their job. The article is here to help limit your risk of spider veins.

Solution You Should Know: When you have no choice but to work long hours, better wear compression socks for a comfortable experience. You can also choose loose-tight clothing to promote blood flow. 

3) Office Workers

Office workers may vary from IT professionals and accountants to content writers. Most likely, the companies offer work-from-home to these people. But the problem is that sitting all day long in front of a computer screen may lead to vein diseases. Plus, it can lead to harmful exposure. Nonetheless, it can also lead to a stagnant lifestyle since they are always at home. 

Solution You Should Know: As a professional in the corporate setting, you need to give yourself a break. For instance, you can stand up from your work area and walk for at least 10 to 20 minutes. You can also schedule your vein clinic visit to track your health. This way, you can reach success without compromising your health.

4) Health Workers

Since the pandemic started, the hospital has become busier, and the demand for health workers has increased. Due to this, it may be hard to take a break from work. Ironically, health workers save other people’s lives but risk their health by helping people. Plus, you are working a 12-hour shift with demanding attention from the patients. 

Unfortunately, this job can lead to vein diseases like spider veins in Singapore. Being a medical professional is a tough job, but it can be fulfilling. Yes, you can still follow your passion as a healthcare worker and protect yourself from the disease. 

Solution You Should Know: Since the work is demanding, take a rest for five minutes when you have the opportunity. Also, try to take some snacks to give your body energy. Healthcare workers also need doctors to consult a vascular surgeon in Singapore to check on their health condition. 

5) Hair Stylists and Makeup Artists 

You have tried going to a salon or barbers shop to get your hair done. As you can see, professional hair stylists stand for an extended period when fixing the hair of the client. It is also the same with makeup artists. These professionals may develop varicose veins because of pressure on the legs while working. The best way to solve this problem is to give professionals a break when working with many clients. 

Solutions You Should Know: When accepting clients, hair stylists and makeup artists should know their limits in a day. This way, they can give themselves proper rest. It limits their risk of developing spider veins in Singapore and the need for vascular surgery. 


You can feel fulfilled at your work without compromising your health. That is possible! The best solution is to be mindful when avoiding vein diseases like spider veins. 

Start being mindful by consulting a vascular surgeon from Cheng SC Vein and Endovascular, a vein clinic in Singapore. Visit their website to learn more about the vascular surgery procedure. 

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