5 ways to make more time for your small business

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While running a small business might be something you’ve always dreamed of – scheduling your own working hours, being flexible, living wherever you want in the world, the list goes on – it’s a tough undertaking nonetheless. Owning your own business can feel like you need to excel in all aspects of your business, from budgeting to hiring.

However, that kind of mindset can be just the one that makes you feel like you’re running out of time. Do you work no less than 16 hours a day without getting the impression that you are getting anything done? See your to-do list getting longer and longer and have no idea how to get even half the points? If so, you may feel like you just need more time. What if we could instead find ways to reduce your workload and increase your output? Here are five ways to make more time for your small business and increase your productivity:

1. Plan, plan, plan

One of the main mistakes many small business owners make is trying to work on everything at once and without following any particular order. The problem with this approach is that while certain things can indeed be done, there is no long-term planning. This is a mistake, because you are not able to plan how to organize all the different little things that you have to get done throughout the day and for the next few weeks. You need to plan more! With specific goals, milestones, or goals to accomplish, you can break down the parts of your work that take up the most time, so you can figure out what needs to be rearranged.

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2. Use block planning

While planning, you might realize the following: While you thought you were working 16 hours a day, you were actually getting distracted every few minutes by a new email coming in, a Voxer Voice message, or something similar. These leads add up. As such, using block scheduling can help you avoid them. Block out a few hours at a time (one and a half to two hours is usually a good amount) and stay focused on this particular task during the countdown. This will save you time normally spent on distractions!

3. Outsource time-consuming tasks

Then think about the tasks that you are not very good at or are not well versed in. As mentioned before, we may feel like we have to constantly do everything on our own, at least until we can afford our full-time staff. Right? Wrong! Doing it all alone will take away a lot of time that you can spend on scaling up and growing. Outsource the most time-consuming tasks you have, such as hiring a virtual assistant or finding talent on websites like Fiverr.com and Upwork.com.

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4. Simplify and streamline your marketing

One of the main activities that can take up a lot of your time is marketing. The reason for this is simple: if done step-by-step or post-by-post, it can seem like you spend hours every day on social media marketing your business. Instead, free up some of your time by creating a content calendar and batching your content. This way you don’t waste precious minutes and hours on apps because it’s all done ahead of time.

5. Take the time to rest

Finally, and yes, this may be a bit cliche, you should schedule some time to rest. While solopreneurs, founders, and entrepreneurs love to work, we also struggle to avoid overexerting ourselves often. The result? Eventually we get burned out and can’t stay focused on a task – and that’s if we can even get started on it at all. With this in mind, you should take the time to reboot yourself every now and then.

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