6 prepaid business credit cards

All small business owners need a business credit card. If you’re low on credit, a traditional business credit card can help you build business credit.

Business prepaid credit cards are different from secured cards and debit cards.

A secured card is set up like a “regular” credit card, but you need to fund it. You may only spend money up to the amount you fund, and you must return money as you spend with secured cards. If you exceed the credit limit, you will pay payments plus interest payments.

A debit card works like a prepaid debit card, but unlike prepaid cards, it is linked to a bank account. You use the card and unlike credit cards the money is debited from your account. In that sense, they are prepaid business debit cards.

Why do small business owners choose to use business prepaid cards?

What is a Prepaid Business Credit Card?

With a prepaid card you put money on the card. The card issuer does not give you a fixed amount that you must provide to fund the card – that is up to you.

You can use the card for purchases up to the amount you have paid in advance. In most cases there are no activation fees.

Why you should consider prepaid credit cards for your business

You should know that using prepaid credit cards will not help you build credit. The use of prepaid credit cards is not reported to the consumer credit bureaus.

Using a secured credit card is. Secure credit card companies provide that information to consumer credit bureaus. Using debit cards is also part of your financial institution’s records, as debit card use is reflected as deductions from your business checking account.

So why use a prepaid card?

No need to open a bank account

The card has an account number and a routing number. You can transfer money to the card via direct deposit, PayPal account, ACH or bank transfer. There is no credit report, credit history or credit check.

No current account charges/spending limits

If you run out of money on prepaid cards, you’re out. That makes prepaid cards a good choice for employers who want to control employee spending. You can limit the spending amounts per card.

No money restrictions by credit scores

You can put as little or as much money on prepaid cards as you want.

Fraud Protection

If someone steals your debit cards, there’s a chance that person could make purchases or withdraw money using money in bank accounts.

With a prepaid card, an entrepreneur can easily repay with small amounts. That way there is a limit on how much money someone can access with the prepaid card, which offers financial protection.

6 Best Prepaid Credit Cards for Business

You may be surprised and pleased to learn that prepaid credit cards may be associated with a business services provider that provides a variety of services.

Most have minimal fees and you can use them as a free checking account in most cases.

For example, the Bento for Business prepaid business card is linked to an expense management platform.

1. Bento for Business Prepaid Card

Features: The Bento for Business credit card is linked to an expense management platform. The employer can track and export receipts and expenses to an accounting management platform such as Quick Books or Zoho Expense. The employer can issue cards to employees and then reimburse employees for expenses and/or refund their cards with individually set spending limits.

Cost: Monthly costs depend on how many cards you want ($29 to 10, $69 to 25, $149 to 100). Free trial.


Features: The Mesh card is loved by CFOs, especially CFOs who oversee a small company with many employees and regular business expenses. You get 1.5% cash back on business expenses and automatic receipt reconciliation with expense reports. Businesses can load up to $20,000 per card for a total balance of $10 million on all Mesh cards.

Fees: There is no monthly fee, but there is a fee for international transactions (varies by dollar amount).

3.Discover Global Network

Features: The Discover Global Network offers a variety of innovative prepaid programs to choose from, which the business owner can customize. Using a global payment network, the business owner can tap and pay, pay online or make purchases through the card’s app.

Fees: Fees vary per transaction amount. No additional foreign transaction fees for purchases made from affiliated companies of the Discover Global Network.

4. Prepaid Mastercard from Brink

Features: The Brinks card allows you to set up a scheduled direct deposit from your checking or savings account to repay the card. This prepaid Mastercard has a user-friendly app and gives warnings for low balances on cards at any time. The best feature is the choice of how you pay fees.

Fees: You can choose to pay a monthly fee of $9.95 or opt for Pay as You Go fees ($1.50 per transaction).

5.Netspend VISA Prepaid Cards

Features: The Netspend card allows instant deposits from a wide variety of sources, a mobile app, cash back at select merchants, mobile check deposit. You can personalize the card with a company logo or chosen image.

Fees: If you sign up for a guaranteed $500 direct deposit, you get the fee benefit plan (no fees, not even an annual fee). Otherwise, choose from a $9.95 monthly fee or usage fee (such as $1.50 per purchase, $2.95 cash withdrawal fee, $3.95 money load fee).

6.Blue Bird American Express

Features: The Blue Bird American Express allows you to add cash at WalMarts and withdraw money there for free. Convenient money transfers and free to use to pay bills with online payment. You can buy and fund these cards at WalMarts, Walmart gas stations, and other retail outlets.

Fees: No withdrawal fees at ATMs (in a major network). No monthly fee. Free to add cash.

What is the difference between prepaid debit cards and prepaid credit cards?

You load money on a prepaid credit card.

The money from your ‘prepaid’ business debit card is in your bank account. The debit cards are linked to a bank account.

Which companies offer prepaid credit cards?

You can easily get a prepaid card from companies you already use for business:

Paypal Prepaid Mastercard – The Paypal prepaid master card is one of the best prepaid credit cards because it is so easy to finance. You simply move money from your PayPal business account to the card. If you need cash, you can use the card to withdraw money from the ATM.

You can also check out the WalMart Money Card, available at any WalMart, of course.

The Dash prepaid master card is a top choice to use for financing and calculating payroll. You can load information about employees and payroll taxes on the dash prepaid master card and pay employees on their Dash cards.

Does SBA accept prepaid cards?

New. You cannot use a prepaid card to apply for an SBA loan. And remember, using a prepaid credit card won’t improve your credit scores.

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