7 pointers for choosing a pest control SEO service!

How to Choose a Reliable SEO Company | Tips for Choosing an SEO Company

Your pest control company needs online exposure, and you are keen on hiring an agency that has the necessary experience and expertise. SEO is all about organic marketing, to take a website on the top of search results for relevant keywords. The tactics and strategies often remain the same, but SEO is niche-specific, other factors like local competition come into play. If you are overwhelmed with options and want to choose the right pest control SEO service, here are 7 pointers to consider.

  1. Don’t set a budget. This may be contrary to what many others may advise, but it’s not wise to look for SEO companies with a budget in mind. The cost of SEO depends on the overall strategy. While you have to ask for estimates, don’t be fixated on the price alone.
  2. Check for pest control SEO agencies. Not all agencies specialize in niche SEO, and that could be a good aspect to consider. Find an SEO company that has worked with pest control companies and exterminators in particular. To know a company better, ask for references. 
  3. Don’t be fooled with guarantees. If a company claims that they can take your pest control business website on the top of Google within a week, run in the other direction. There is no way an agency can get guarantee success with SEO within a short time. 
  4. Think beyond SEO. While SEO is a great place to start, your pest control company will eventually need the power of paid marketing through SEO and social media marketing. Find an agency that can offer comprehensive marketing services. 
  5. Ask about their work approach. Ideally, an SEO agency should offer reports to clients on a regular basis, at least once in a month, so that you can track the growth of your website. Find more about the approach and ethics of an agency before hiring them for your pest control company.
  6. Check the estimates carefully. Typically, SEO companies either charge a flat fee for the entire duration of the contract, or can charge a monthly amount. Either ways, check what is included in the estimate, and there should be no scope for hidden charges. 
  7. Get references. Make sure that you ask the SEO company for references within the pest control industry. If they have worked with hundreds of exterminators, they wouldn’t shy away from sharing information. 

Shortlist a few marketing companies for SEO now to get started. Promoting your pest control business doesn’t have to be complicated with the right agency.


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