7 Ways to Keep Your Confinement Nanny Happy and Respected

People have already advised you to find an excellent and trustworthy nanny. It’s all about putting pressure on nannies that they should be qualified for household chores and postnatal care. Although it’s their responsibility to provide exceptional service, nannies are also human. And at some point, people forget to teach themselves how to treat them properly. In fact, there are some domestic help abuse cases worldwide, especially for foreign helpers. So, when planning to hire a nanny in Singapore, learn more about the guidelines to treat a nanny with respect and dignity.

How to Treat a Nanny Respectfully

There’s a power imbalance between nannies and the employer. Since employers assume that they have more authority, they can shout at or mistreat their nannies as if treating them as a lower life form. In Singapore alone, there are many cases of domestic help abuse for foreign workers. 

It’s an alarming case because no one should suffer from violence, regardless of gender, nationality, or profession. If you’re planning to hire a stay in nanny in Singapore, it’s also your job to know how to treat the help respectfully.

So, to become a better employer, here are some ways to keep your nanny feel safe within your home. 


1) Give Them Adjusting Period 

When you hire a nanny from a confinement nanny agency in Singapore, some would be from different countries like the Philippines, Indonesia, or Myanmar. Some nannies are first-time living abroad, so adjusting to the new culture and norms may be challenging. They might do things that can look inoffensive to your culture, but give them some slack, let them adjust for the time being, and don’t hesitate to assist them when they need your help. 

Some nannies can also find it hard to speak English or Mandarin because they’re not used to communicating in the said languages. If that’s the case, make your requests or orders simple so they can understand it. Or better yet, take advantage of modern technology and use Google Translate when you need to explain something.

2) Set Clear Rules and Expectations

Miscommunication can lead to conflicts if you don’t have clear rules and expectations for your stay in nanny. On the first day, you should tell them what you will expect or what they should do to help you. Will they clean the house for you or perhaps help you cook your meals? Do you need the nanny to assist you in taking care of the baby? And so on. With clear instructions, nannies will be able to provide you with the services you’re expecting. 

If you’re unsure about what they can do for you, you can ask the agency about the confinement services in Singapore and learn what you can expect. They can even give your baby massages, and some are knowledgeable about postnatal care. 

3) Give Deserving Pay 

Let’s be honest; no one wants to work for free. It’s not easy to make a living at this age because the cost of living is high, and it’s not easy to find a job. It’s also harder for foreign employees to leave their families back home because they want to give their children a better future. 

For instance, Filipino foreign workers often choose to work abroad because they want to land a good-paying job. For this reason, give their sacrifice the pay they deserve and make sure you’ll pay their salary on time. 

Aside from the monthly salary, you can also give bonuses for your stay in nanny for holidays and special occasions. Celebrating holidays abroad can make them homesick, giving them a little appreciation during these times can make them less lonely. 

4) Respect Your Nanny’s Time

Nannies are not just employees, but they are also humans. They have a life outside their jobs, and for sure, some of them are mothers, students, daughters, freelancers, and more. As an employer, don’t limit their time by forcing them to do overtime. If it’s their time to go home, let them go. Some of the stay in nanny may have evening classes, or perhaps mothers who need to talk with their children at this time. 

Before hiring from a confinement nanny agency in Singapore, make sure that you’ve asked them about the personal background of the nanny. This way, you can make individual arrangements and adjust your schedule accordingly to help them explore other things while working with you. 

5) Give Them Rest Days 

When reading about the confinement nanny services in Singapore, you’ll realise that nannies are not robots. They also need time to take a break from their work. Perhaps, give them rest days during the weekends and holidays. After all, you can invite your friends and family to help you take care of the baby during these times. 

By giving them rest days, you also provide them with time to do other things themselves. They can run their errands or have fun with other people on a Saturday night. Like you, your nannies also want to feel freedom and respect as human beings. 

6) Get to Know More About Your Stay in Nanny 

Is she a fan of movies, or does your nanny like to listen to K-pop? As an employer, you have the job to make things feel less awkward. You can ask your stay in nanny about herself, like what she likes to do. For the best part, you may even watch your favourite series together while the baby sleeps in the meantime. See, it’s not always about being professional. You can also build a friendship with your nannies. 

7) Give Some Benefits

Finally, when you hire a stay in nanny in Singapore, you can also give some benefits to make them feel appreciated. For instance, you can have additional pay when you let them work during the holidays or give them free food while working for you during the day. There are many ways to make your nanny feel appreciated. Don’t forget to say thank you at the end of the day and make your experience with them pleasant. 

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