A Digital Door Lock: How To Take Good Care Of Them?

Regardless of who they are or where they are, owning a home has always been everyone’s goal. After all, who does not want to live in a place where they can be themselves? The problem is that not everyone is blessed to have one, let alone inherit property from their parents or grandparents. But even if that is the case, people today can now have a home of their own, temporarily, by leasing and protecting their humble abode by installing a digital door lock

Part I: What Is A Digital Door Lock?

This type of door is also known as electronic door locks that actuator and electricity. If you have no idea what an actuator is, they are a component that helps move the bolt so you can open and close it with ease. 

On the other hand, the electricity mentioned above can be energy from a battery. By inserting the correct numbers of batteries inside a digital door lock, you will not have any trouble opening and closing it. 

Part II: The Pros And Cons Of Using A Digital Door Lock

Do you plan on getting a digital door lock for your HDB unit soon? If that is the case, you should read through the following. It allows you to learn the pros and cons of using a digital door lock and prepare you for what awaits you when you get one. 

The Pros Of Using A Digital Door Lock

  • Take away the use of actual keys
  • Enable to check in and out as long as a digital door lock is connected and well-synced to a smartphone
  • Allows you to know who the person visiting or outside the door

The Cons Of Using A Digital Door Lock

  • Requires an expert to install a digital door lock
  • Prone to cyberattacks

As you have read, the pros of using a digital door lock outweigh the cons. With this type of door and lock, you can make your home look more stylish and protect you and your family members from burglars. Plus, a digital door lock has a fire rated feature that helps the door that protects the home from a fire at least a few hours before the firefighters come to the rescue. 

Part III: Seven Ways To Take Good Care Of Digital Door Lock

1. Disinfect Your Door Hardware

Besides the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, disinfecting a digital door lock is crucial to prevent getting sick. Before disinfecting your door hardware, take note of the ingredients of the disinfectant products. You should know that some can contain an abrasive chemical that can ruin the finished surface of a digital door lock. 

2. Lubricate Once A Year

Electronic door locks are the same as regular doors. Without proper lubrication of hardware, the components will get stuck, which makes opening and closing the door a lot more challenging. 


The only way to guarantee that will not happen is to lubricate the hardware at least once a year. Consider setting a reminder on your smartphone so you will not forget to do it. 

3. Inspect Your Door Back To Back

Another thing you need to do to take good care of your digital door lock is to inspect it back to back. Doing so gives you ideas about whether or not your door is in good condition. After all, with constant use of doors, not even a sturdy digital door lock is an exception for wear and tear. 

Below are some signs that your digital door lock requires professional maintenance soon. 

  • Where your door catches, there are scuffs on the floor
  • Through the door’s frame, sunlight enters
  • Catching of the strike plate by the latch or lock
  • Locking and unlocking your door requires lifting or moving it
  • There are creaking and squeaking noises

4. Align The Strike Plate And Tighten Your Hinges

A digital door lock’s mechanism does not change even though it is powered by a battery that allows it to open and close. To keep a digital door lock closed, it needs a striking plate. It is a rectangular piece of metal, which is an external component attached to the door jam. If not screwed properly, you can expect the digital door lock will remain open. 

You can only prevent such a case from happening by aligning the strike place and tightening the hinges so nothing will come off, and you can open and close your digital door lock again. 

5. Update Your Keys Properly

While it is that you do not need an actual key when you have a digital door lock, you still need to update the key (about a password). If done correctly, burglars will have a hard time trespassing your home. 


When updating the key of your digital door lock, make sure you are not using any information related to you or your family members. Doing so will give anyone who plans to trespass a hard time figuring out what password they should type in to enter your humble abode. 

6. Replace The Battery

As mentioned above, batteries are used to power electronic door locks. But since a battery often runs out of juice, you need to replace it. The frequency when you need to replace the battery depends on how much you are using your digital door lock. 

Nevertheless, you have to change the battery once or twice a year. 

7. Keep Out Of Reach Of Children

Even though electronic door locks look like a toy to children’s eyes, you should not let them place them. Otherwise, its mechanism will get damaged, and you might need to replace it with a brand-new one. 

The Final Word

Even though there are many things you have to do to take good care of a digital door lock, it will be worth it since you can protect the entrance and exit of your home. Just guarantee that your HDB has a fire rated door so it will not get damaged when a fire hazard happens. 

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