A Patient’s Guide To Getting Snoring Treatment In Singapore

According to Johns Hopkins Medicine, almost half of the adult population are occasional snorers. Meanwhile, 25% of the public regularly makes noises while sleeping. Their nose and throat tissues vibrate whenever they breathe since their air passages are blocked. Poor palate structure and muscle tone can also cause them to snort and snuffle every night. Additionally, being sleep-deprived, a heavy drinker, and a smoker can result in snoring. But despite being a prevalent occurrence, making sounds while sleeping is unnatural. It is a health concern that may signify severe conditions affecting your sinus and throat. Fortunately, you can visit an ENT clinic in Singapore to help you understand this ailment and receive appropriate treatment.


For numerous medical experts, infrequent snoring is not a concern—especially if your family only notices its occurrence during flu season or whenever you do not sleep well. If you only make sounds now and then, you may not need attention from health professionals. But if you often wake up in the middle of the night because of your loud snoring, you should seek treatment in Singapore as soon as possible. Look for a medical centre with a resident ear, nose, and throat or ENT specialist or doctor to understand the causes of your snoring and receive appropriate remedies. Your physician may ask you to use oral appliances, make a few lifestyle changes, or undergo surgery to keep you from snoring. Going to such facilities can also help you learn various ways to prevent you and your loved ones from making loud sounds while sleeping.

But how can you tell if you need a snoring treatment in Singapore? Can you follow home remedies instead of going to the doctor’s office to seek medical attention? If you can benefit from an ENT specialist or doctor checkup, how can you make the most of their recommended cures for snoring?

  1. Signs You Should Get Snoring Treatment

Numerous individuals do not get snoring treatment in Singapore. They think this medical concern is harmless since it does not hurt their throat or affect their daily duties and responsibilities. However, seeking remedies is crucial for improving your and your loved one’s sleep quality. If you notice any of the following signs, seek snoring treatment as soon as possible to enhance your overall wellness and prevent dangerous complications:

A. Your Breathing Pauses While Sleeping

Snoring-related conditions like obstructive sleep apnoea can cause your breathing to stop while sleeping. Your ENT specialist doctor in Singapore may ask you to undergo therapy or wear a medical device to help you breathe easier at night.

B. You Gasp Or Choke At Night.

Chokes and gasps for air while asleep can signify obstructive sleep apnoea that requires snoring treatment. You may not notice it at night, but your loved ones may witness it as you sleep.

C. You Feel Sleepy During The Daytime.

Feeling sleepy and dozy during the daytime can be dangerous—especially if you drive to work or operate heavy machinery. Booking an appointment at an ENT clinic will help you receive snoring treatment and keep you from experiencing daytime fatigue.

D. You Cannot Concentrate And Remember Stuff.

Believe it or not, snoring can affect your brain health and cause you to experience trouble remembering things and concentrating at work. Thankfully, seeing an ENT specialist doctor can keep you from losing focus, becoming forgetful, and experiencing problem-solving issues.

E. Your Loved Ones Find Your Snoring Bothersome.

Did your partner recently tell you they cannot sleep at night because of your loud snoring? If so, you should consider getting a health screening at an ENT clinic in Singapore ASAP. By getting snoring treatment, you will not only benefit yourself, but you will also help your family get better sleep.

F. You Have A Sore Throat Upon Waking Up.

Since your air passageways constantly vibrate as you snore, you may have a sore throat every morning. Fortunately, seeking help from an ENT specialist or doctor can treat your irritated throat while addressing the snoring that caused it.

  1. Ways To Make The Most Of Your Snoring Treatment

If you think you can benefit from a snoring treatment, you can start looking for an ENT clinic offering remedies that can address your concerns. But like getting a sinusitis treatment in Singapore, you will need to learn everything you should do to ensure the effectiveness and safety of your regimen. Read on to learn how.

A. Consider Your Options

Before getting a specific snoring treatment in Singapore, learn about your options and see how they suit your condition. Weigh the pros and cons of each remedy while seeking recommendations from your physician to ensure you pick the best one.

B. Understand Your Treatment Plan

After you and your ENT specialist doctor pick a treatment, understand everything it can and cannot do to your body. You can also ask your physician about its process to help you set expectations before receiving the regimen.

C. Remember Your Doctor’s Recommendations

Never go against your ENT specialist doctor in Singapore. No matter how challenging or bothersome their recommendations may be, follow them wholeheartedly to ensure your smooth recovery.

D. Return For Follow-Up Checkups

If your physician asks you to return to their ENT clinic for a follow-up checkup, follow their request. These supplementary consultations will allow them to see if you have been responding well to the treatment and help them spot early signs of complications.

E. Ask Questions And Raise Concerns

As a patient, it is natural for you to have questions about your condition and snoring treatment. These queries and concerns will help you understand the specifics of your ailment and see the perks of undergoing a specific remedy. However, you can only get answers to your inquiries by raising them with your doctor, so do not hesitate to bombard them with questions.

  1. Get Treated For Snoring Today!

Getting snoring treatment is often an afterthought for numerous individuals. Because of the condition’s prevalence, they do not think much about it and ignore the signs indicating their need for medical attention. But if frequent snorers like you want to avoid severe complications and dodge sinus surgery in Singapore to treat your loud sleeping noises, seek snoring remedies as soon as possible.

Dr Gan EngCern is a sinus & ENT specialist in Singapore who can help you with your snoring and sleeping-related concerns. Visit his website below to learn more about his expertise in providing safe and effective snoring treatment.

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