A Short Guide on How to Create a Successful Webinar in Singapore

While there are other more popular forms of live streaming events in Singapore, hosting a webinar is still a viable option due to the ongoing pandemic. Companies everywhere are using this method as a replacement for their live events. Therefore, you have the assurance that it won’t become irrelevant anytime soon.

However, the increase in companies hosting a webinar in Singapore has oversaturated the market. Viewers have more options to choose from, making it crucial for planners to step up their game if they want a successful event.

While there are plenty of gimmicks that a team can integrate into their webinar, it is essential to learn the basics of making a successful video live streaming event. Therefore, this guide hopes to provide you with the knowledge on creating one. Continue reading to learn more.

A Short Guide on How to Create a Successful Webinar in Singapore

Decide on a Topic

The first step in creating a successful webinar in Singapore is deciding what topic you want to talk about. Generally speaking, you should choose something your audience asks. Refrain from picking broad topics and go for specific ones. For example, you shouldn’t host an event that aims to talk about the economy. There are plenty of possible things that your webinar can lead to when you have a general topic. Instead, you should focus on a particular aspect of the economy.

At the end of the day, your audience attends your webinar expecting that they will get something valuable out of it. Usually, educational topics are your most effective choice. However, ensure that you are knowledgeable about the subject matter you choose.

Choose a Format

There are plenty of options regarding how you will present your topic. Are you going for panel discussions by inviting experts? Are you deciding on launching a Q&A session? Others pick interviews for their webinar in Singapore. Whatever format you choose, your guests must be knowledgeable about your topic. Consider it a bonus if they have skills in working in video live streaming events.

Assign Roles

Creating a webinar is not a task that one person can do. Projects like these require a team of individuals that specialises in various areas related to video conferencing in Singapore. The core members you need are organisers, presenters, moderators, and assistants.

Organisers are responsible for planning every aspect of your webinar in Singapore. They handle the execution of your ideas and the topic presentation.

Presenters may be the experts you invite to share for your video live streaming event. These individuals handle the presentation and are the people your viewers will see.

Moderators are there to maintain the atmosphere of your webinar and ensure that everything proceeds according to plan. For Q&A sessions, they are responsible for handling the questions viewers may have. For panel discussions or interviews, they ensure that the conversation between presenters is smooth.

Lastly, assistants are there to prevent or handle issues during your webinar in Singapore. If you are facing technical difficulties with your live streaming platform, they are there to assist. These experts ensure that your live streaming event flows smoothly and without interruption.

Produce the Content

<img src=”https://i.ibb.co/Zx5LVnn/Image-Kindly-illustrate-a-team-practicing-their-webinar-Thank-you.png” alt=”Image-Kindly-illustrate-a-team-practicing-their-webinar-Thank-you” border=”0″ />

With your topic and team ready, it is time for everyone to work on producing the content for your webinar in Singapore. This step involves planning the flow of your live streaming event. Are you using PowerPoint? What order do you want your guests to follow when presenting? Aside from these, have questions ready for your guests to start conversations or ensure that there are no idle moments during your webinar.

Select the Day & Time

Deciding on the date to launch your webinar in Singapore may seem simple. However, consider the free time of your target audience. If the video live streaming event is open to everyone, including people from other countries, you need to deal with timezone differences.

As for the exact time to begin your webinar, you wouldn’t want to start too early or too late. You have to consider that your viewers have jobs. Additionally, you need to account for commuting time. Therefore, you should go in the early afternoon or after work hours.

Promote Your Webinar


Next on the list is promoting your webinar in Singapore. Social media platforms are your best friend for anything regarding informing and enticing your audience to attend. You can create ads for these apps and search engines to help you reach more potential viewers. On the other hand, you shouldn’t forget about your followers. Provide links or ways for them to sign up for reminders on when the webinar starts.

Send a Thank You Email

After your webinar in Singapore ends, you want your audience to retain their experience. One way to do this is by sending them a thank you email for participating in your video live streaming event. Additionally, consider asking them for feedback to help you plan your future projects.

Provide a Recording of Your Webinar 

Since you want your audience to focus on your webinar, you must provide them with a recording. You can do it by sending them copies or a link to download. Doing so removes the need for your viewers to take notes. Additionally, having a recording means you can send it to viewers who cannot attend.


Hosting a webinar in Singapore is not as old school as you think. Due to the ongoing pandemic, safety is one of the top priorities of companies. Therefore, they are launching video live streaming events to compensate for their inability to use a physical venue.

However, the increase in webinars forces companies to innovate in current and future events. Before you start looking for gimmicks, it is important to learn what makes a webinar in Singapore successful. Following these eight tips should help you create a successful live streaming event.

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