Acne, Diet, and Lifestyle Talks: How Does Food Affect Your Skin

Just like people, friends, and family, breakouts can come and go too, and just like memories, acne can have an impact on your well-being. Scars can set down and linger for years or even more. 

Visiting an aesthetic clinic in Singapore can help clear these zits and bring back the glow in your skin. If you regularly visit your aesthetician, you may possibly have heard or been told not to pop your pimples out. People tend to squeeze, burst, and prick your pimples and end up with marks. 

As the main problem of many people, why do humans get acne? What causes zit breakouts? No matter how good your skincare products are, they will keep growing depending on your lifestyle, sleeping routine, and diet. What you eat highly affects your skin condition and appearance. From the morning intakes, coffee sips, lunch dates, and dinner bites to our midnight snacks, your food can be the source of your acne breakouts. How does food affect the skin?


Getting an acne scar treatment in Singaporeis a guaranteed way to remove zit scars. It is effective and practical. However, it is also best to cut down on some foods while getting treatment services to help prevent acne from developing. Here are some of the foods that can trigger your skin more and cause breakouts:


If you’re a meat lover, consider visiting an aesthetic clinic in Singaporeregularly. Why? Well, foods with high amounts of protein can result in dull, unhealthy, and puffy skin. Generally, ingesting fatty foods or acids can cause oily skin, making your face more acne-prone. Avoid foods with high amounts of fatty acids and oil, such as red meat, mini pizzas, or cheese cubes.



Did you know that caffeine can trigger acne breakouts and dark circles? Caffeine tends to dehydrate, dry, and dull off your skin. Caffeinated drinks can make your skin more prone to wrinkles and sagging. Apart from these two, caffeine also increases the production of the stress hormone called cortisol. High levels of cortisol can cause acne breakouts. If you decide to sip on a cup of caffeine, ensure to hydrate after and visit an aesthetic clinic in Singapore.



Are you fond of drinking alcohol? Liquor, without a doubt, can help you stay warm during cold, rainy nights. As much as alcohol can help, go easy on the alcohol and protect your liver and skin. It can result in dehydration and sagging, leading to dry skin or, in a more extreme case, frostbite. If you like drinking alcohol, consider getting an acne scar treatment in Singapore to save yourself from zit breakouts.


It’s crucial to avoid sweet treats or baked goods loaded with sugar, like doughnuts, cookies, candies, and other high-glycemic foods. The refined sugar found in most candies, cakes, cookies, and other sweets causes insulin levels to heighten, resulting in an upsurge of inflammation all throughout your body. The worst part, inflammation damages the elastin and collagen in your skin. Sugar glycate collagen, which causes it to stiffen and age prematurely. These two fibres are essential as they strengthen the elasticity of your skin. It is the primary source of wrinkles, breakouts, sagging skin, and a washed-out look. Sweets are not totally off-limits, as long as you regularly seek an aesthetic clinic in Singapore. Also, if you’re looking for dessert, consider trying a sugar-free one.



Dairy is one of the foods you must avoid if you want better skin. Sure, there are numerous acne scar treatment options in Singapore available, but there are also some ways you can do to help your aesthetician. One of which is to cut down on dairy. If you have an acne tendency or acne-prone skin, it is highly advisable and recommended to avoid cheese, yoghurt, and other foods with dairy, especially milk. 

Drinking milk has dangers for your complexion. It contains precursors to testosterone, affecting the hormone receptors in the skin and resulting in acne breakouts. These foods or dairies can worsen acne, leading to a more dramatic negative effect, breakouts and scars.


One bottle of soda equals a crazy amount of added sugar and preservatives. Soda can wreak havoc on your skin. Generally, sugar or anything sweet can damage the collagen and elastin in your skin. Without these two, your face can end up sagging, wrinkled, and dull. Soda has an insanely high glycemic index, which also causes ageing. It can make your skin lustreless and speed up the production of wrinkles. 

If you are acne-prone, have sensitive skin, or have any autoimmune skin conditions, you might want to consult an aesthetic clinic in Singapore to help your skin improve. 



What better way to watch movies than eating pizzas or portions of pasta, right? However, high-glycemic foods, such as the two, make it extremely hard for the immune system to fight the acne-causing bacteria. The glycemic load on these foods could cause an unwelcome acne breakout. If you’re fond of eating the two foods and have acne-prone skin, consider looking for acne scar treatment options in Singapore. 

Apart from treatment, there are other healthier ways to eat your favourite pasta and pizza! Cut down on Parmesan and butter. 

While indulging in a pizza box is the best late-night treat, try to avoid eating pizza too often. Greasy foods can hamper the improvement of your skin. Even if you regularly visit an aesthetic clinic in Singaporeand do your skincare routine, acne breakouts can still occur due to greasy food and fatty acids.


Every skin is different. Some acne scars may fade instantly, while others may stay permanent. However, that doesn’t mean that people should lose hope. With the help of an aesthetic clinic in Singapore, you can have clear, glowing, rejuvenated, and youthful skin. 

Always remember to avoid picking or popping their pimples, as this intensifies the inflammatory response and increases the chances of scarring. Seasons, hormonal fluctuations, air pollutants, and food intake are four conditions that could cause acne on your face. Another critical step to avoid acne developing is limiting and monitoring your food intake. Consider using this list to help prevent breakouts and reduce the chances of potential scarring. 

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