Aircon Maintenance Singapore 101: The Hazards And Consequences Of A Dirty Aircon

Belonging in the Southeast Asian region known for its warm climate, it is not surprising that 79% of Singaporean households own an aircon unit in 2018, according to the Department of Statistics Singapore. It also means more than half of households in the country need yearly comprehensive aircon maintenance in Singapore.

The frequency of aircon maintenance is unclear since it is based on different factors. These factors include the unit model, age and usage, and environment.

Basically, smaller units in residential houses need a filter change and cleaning every month, whilst aircon units in industrial areas need a comprehensiveaircon chemical overhaul once or twice a year.

Nevertheless, some people neglect the upkeep of their aircon unit and are unfazed about its consequences. 

Consequences And Hazards Of Dirty Aircon In Singapore

A dirty air conditioning unit seems to be a minor problem, but unbeknownst to many, its hazards range from health risks to financial constraints.

Here are the hazards and consequences of a dirty aircon.


Air conditioning units have filters that trap debris in the air that passes through the equipment before releasing it back cool in the house.

Over time, these filters will accumulate dust and debris, and ideally, they should be replaced or cleaned monthly through servicing andaircon chemical overhaul. Otherwise, people may develop health conditions.

  • Allergies

Several allergens trigger respiratory allergies. These allergens include dust, pollen, pet dander, and mould spores.

Not changing the filter means the air your unit blows is not as clean as it should be. It only spreads the dust more.

Additionally, mould thrives in moist and dirty places like your filter. Mould spores drift through the air your unit blows as well.

Aircon chemical wash price in Singapore is much lower than allergy medication all throughout the year, so don’t hesitate to send your unit to a servicing company.

  • Sick Building Syndrome

Sick Building Syndrome (SBS) is a condition suffering from symptoms including breathing problems, nasal congestion, skin irritation, fatigue, and headaches. 

What makes SBS unique is the symptoms are not linked to any illnesses. People only feel relief once they are out of the building. 

One of the possible reasons for Sick Building Syndrome is inadequate ventilation. Dirty air conditioning units are not as competent and efficient as brand new or clean aircon.

Another possible reason for SBS is biological contaminants in the air. Bacteria thrive and breed in moist areas and stagnant water, which can be found in the pipes and ducts of air conditioning units and HVAC systems. They also come from bugs and animal droppings.

Comprehensive cleaning of units andaircon repair in Singapore to remove water stagnation and leaks can help reduce the risk of Sick Building Syndrome.

  • Fatigue

The body needs oxygen for the organs to function. Poor indoor air quality affects your body more than you know.

Firstly, an inadequate supply of clean air in the body suppresses stamina, ergo lower defence against infections.

Secondly, an inadequate supply of clean air impairs the normal functions of our organs over time; therefore, we effortlessly become stressed and exhausted.

A simple aircon troubleshooting and cleaning in Singapore can help resolve these health problems.


Ownership cost is the purchase and operating expenditures of a product or service. 

  • Electricity bill

Most people opt for energy-efficient aircon units to reduce their power consumption, but neglecting cleaning and maintenance offset this benefit.

A dirty aircon unit is not as efficient as a clean aircon unit. For example, it takes a longer time for the dirty air conditioning unit to reach the desired temperature in the thermostat.

A grungy aircon consumes more power to meet its optimum performance and maintain it. More power consumption means a higher electricity bill.

You can save money by paying a much lower aircon chemical wash price in Singaporerather than shelling out for higher energy consumption.

  • Repair cost

The good thing about anaircon chemical overhaul is that technicians get a closer look at your unit. Unlike superficial aircon servicing, an aircon chemical overhaul dismantles your aircon unit to clean each component. Through disassembling, technicians can inspect the component’s status and whether or not they need repairs. They can give preventive measures to avoid further possible damage to the unit.

Not getting an aircon chemical overhaul only means a lack of opportunity for preventive measures. Major damage needs a costly repair.

  • New purchase

If the damage is beyond repair, there is no other choice but to buy another unit, which can be expensive as well.

Regular aircon maintenance in Singaporeextends the lifespan of your unit.



Expect performance issues with your unit if you rarely give it aircon maintenance in Singapore.

  • Reduced airflow

Dirt buildup on your filter blocks the air from flowing efficiently. When there is airflow blockage, your unit works harder to produce more air, resulting in a higher energy bill.

Dust and dirt buildup also impede the performance of the fan blades of your aircon. The debris weighs the blades down, hence, slower rotation. 

  • Buzzing noise

There are several reasons why your aircon unit is producing buzzing sounds. It could be broken pieces of your AC components inside, loose screws, foreign objects inside your aircon, and worn-out parts.

You can only find out the real cause of the noise if you have an aircon chemical overhaul.

Not resolving the buzzing noise may also result in further damage to the unit.

  • Foul odour

There are also several reasons why your aircon produces smelly air.

Firstly, dirt and debris. Thick dirt, grime, and mould spores emit pungent odours that mix with the air.

Secondly, animal droppings and carcasses also produce odour. Small animals, such as rats, lizards, and cockroaches, can squeeze in small openings and crevices of your unit while it’s off. They can live and die inside the unit. 

Lastly, electrical issues inside your unit emit a burnt smell. Turn your unit off and unplug it once you notice this smell. You may need an aircon repair in Singapore if a burnt smell is the issue.


Don’t put your health, money, and safety at risk by trying to save your cash by evadingaircon maintenance in Singapore.

You can avoid illnesses and additional expenses by cleaning your aircon and home.

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