All You Need To Know About Stone Restoration And Care

Home is the investment of finance at the same time it is also an investment in dreams. When a person chooses to design the house, he or she would want it to be a style statement at the same time sustainable and easy to maintain. When it comes to choosing the raw materials for the interiors of the home, the first thing that comes to our mind is aesthetics. 

For years wooden furniture and natural stones are used in decors and interiors of the home. As the decades have passed and technology has grown, wooden finishes can be achieved by using composite materials and stone care & restoration have become much more advanced. 

In this article, we are going to make you aware of stone care and store restoration. All of this information will help you to keep your stones shining for years. Let’s begin! 

What causes harm to stones?

Natural stones are the product of nature. And it is very obvious that they might tear or wear after a point of time. In this segment, we are going to explain some common types of stone damage. 

  • Stains 

Natural stones tend to get stained by exposure to climatic conditions and even due to acidic substances. Stains caused by oil, water, and rust may or may not be cleaned.

  • Stun marks 

Stun marks are also known as hit marks. Stun marks are caused by a sharp and sudden hit on the natural stone, and this phenomenon results in weak lines and causes white discoloration on the natural stone. 

  • Temperature damage 

Temperature damage can be caused by exposure to an extreme temperature that results in Natural stones. Temperature damage can also be caused by the freezing of water in the joints or the cracks of natural stones. Temperature damage also depends upon the stone porosity and water absorbing capacities. 

  • Etching 

Etching is caused by acidic substances. When natural stones come into exposure to strong acidic substances, the surface of the stone is dissolved by acidic properties. This leaves a mark on the stone surface. 

There are other types of damage also such as hazing, stretch marks, cracks, etc all of these damages can be curated or removed by the process of stone restoration. 

What is stone restoration? 

Stone restoration is the process of restoring the natural form of a stone with techniques such as grinding, rehoning, polishing, and sealing.

The process of stone restoration will need excessive precision and aftercare. Thus, it is always better to hire professionals for this task. 

  • Grinding: 

It is a procedure where a diamond cutter is used to smoothen out imperfections and uneven surfaces. 

  • Rehoning: 

It is a process that can get rid of marks, stains, and scratches. The abrasive powder is mixed with water and applied to the surface of the stone. 

  • Polishing: 

This process helps in restoring the natural luster, shine, and color of the stones. 

Stone restoration and stone care have to be implemented properly. If not stone care and maintenance are not in place, then the grandeur and glamour of stones will be dusted.

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