Americans Lost Confidence In Religion And Congress, But Showed Confidence In This Institution That Elon Musk Doesn’t Like

A new Gallup poll shows that Americans are posting record-low confidence levels in some items. Confidence in religion and Congress had fallen sharply in June from the previous year.

An item that is not a favorite of Tesla Inc. TSLA CEO Elon Musk was not on the list.

What happened: Since 1973, Gallup has measured trust at various institutions every year by polling Americans. A recent poll, conducted between June 1 and June 20, 2022, saw confidence levels drop significantly in 11 of the 16 items and no improvement in the remaining five items.

The items that saw the biggest drop in confidence were the Supreme Court, which lost 11 percentage points and was at 25%, and President Joe Biden’s approval, which lost 15 percentage points and was at 23%.

Americans trusted small businesses the most, with 68% of people saying they trusted a lot or a lot. The small business score fell two percentage points.

The second highest confidence was that the military came in at 64% and lost five percentage points from the previous year.

Confidence in the Supreme Court (25%), the president (23%), and Congress (7%) all hit new lows.

Confidence in things like religion, newspapers, criminal law, big business and the police reached a three-decade low.

Confidence decreased in 15 of the 16 items. The only item that remained the same as a year ago was organized labor at 28%.

Here are the full results of the June 2022 reliability assessment and the 2021 reliability assessment:

Small business: 70% (68%) The military: 64% (69%) The police: 45% (51%) The medical system: 38% (44%) The church/organized religion: 31% (37%) Public schools: 28% (32%) Organized labor: 28% (28%) Banks: 27% (33%) Large technology companies: 26% (29%) Supreme Court: 25% (36%) Presidency: 23% ( 38%) ) Newspapers: 16% (21%) Criminal law: 14% (20%) Big business: 14% (18%) Television news: 11% (16%) Congress: 7% (12%)

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Why it matters — and what Musk doesn’t like: The poll was also broken down by political party (Republican, Democrat, and Independent).

The Supreme Court rating, which came before Roe v. Wade was quashed, fell by double digits for Democrats and Independents, while it remained the same for Republicans.

Confidence in the military and police fell by double digits among Republicans.

Organized labor is not seeing confidence wane as several large companies have seen unions push through successfully. Starbucks Corporation SBUX, Apple Inc AAPL and, Inc. AMZN are among the companies that have seen unions win the battle against them.

Musk has been outspoken about unions in the past and also critical of the United Auto Workers Union’s role in being in the White House for discussions on electric vehicles while Tesla is absent.

“Last year, President Biden held an EV summit where Tesla was explicitly banned, but the UAW was. They have so much power over the White House,” Musk said.

Musk said the UAW prefers a Tesla union, something he opposes.

“I don’t like the UAW. Tesla has the highest pay in the auto industry. California is a very union state, but the UAW has never been able to get people to vote for Tesla to unite in California.”

Confidence in organized labor was 41% for Democrats and rose from 13% to 15% for Republicans. Independents expressed less confidence in organized labour, with a score that went from 28% to 27%.

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