Barbell strategy to strengthen your portfolio

On this week’s episode of The MarketBeat Podcast, Kate talks to David Wagner, Equity Analyst & Portfolio Manager at Aptus Capital Advisors. Dave discusses his barbell strategy for combining two seemingly disparate sectors for a portfolio balance. – MarketBeat

In this unprecedented market environment, with macro uncertainties driving intense sales, David looks at the reasons behind the decline, including mounting concerns about a global recession.

Is a recession inevitable after yield curve inversion?

How David uses a barbell strategy, in this case using energy stocks in conjunction with homebuilders.

What major factor do those two disparate sectors have in common?

Are energy sector dividends and share buybacks attractive approaches to attract investors?

Which sub-industry within the energy sector David likes now, due to a growing need for his products and services

Does the energy sector weighting within the S&P 500 mean it is understaffed compared to past weightings?

How has the ESG movement been optimistic for the energy sector?

Why the housing industry is on a declining knife this year despite rising demand.

David disagrees with other analysts that 2022 represents peak earnings in that sector and why he sees potential for further earnings growth.

Are the effects of institutional home purchases exaggerated?

What are the consequences of a higher interest rate for the housing market?

What is the right way to evaluate home builders that also shows you the right time to buy?

In this environment, is the traditional 60/40 portfolio simply looking through the rear-view mirror?

Stocks mentioned in this episode:

Haliburton (HAL)

Bakker Hughes (BKR)

Tenary (TS)

Pioneer Natural Resources (PXD)

KB Home (KBH)

DR Horton (DHI)

How to find David and Aptus

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