Beautifying Your Home With Furniture – 5 Furniture Styles To Amplify Your Interior

It’s not surprising to see why many homeowners nowadays are allured with interior design and home renovation. Perhaps one of the exhilarating aspects of beautifying your home lies in the furniture used. Home decoration and interior design will never be complete without it!

A decent home design provides maximum comfort, utility and warmth to dwellers and visitors. Who doesn’t like to live in such an abode? Perhaps, investing in a decent sofa or TV console in Singapore is not the most defining thing for amplifying your home at a scale. But one can agree that it does improve your daily quality of life, whether you’re doing something or just relaxing.

Decorating Your Home With Furniture

Your furniture is not just the heart of your home. But it also is the heart when it comes to designing and decorating your interior. However, have you ever thought about the possible designs that a furniture style accomplishes? Furniture styles go a lot when homeowners decide to amplify their home interior.

Perhaps you might have seen one of them in a magazine or on online inspiration boards where interiors showcase a nicely arranged interior with furniture. Homeowners are looking for an easy way to update their home or a single room without going all-out with interior designers. Instead, you can accomplish this with wooden dining chairs, a sofa or even a carpet. Yes, it will still cost you something in the end. But it’s far from paying a workforce, tearing down walls and replacing almost every piece of furniture at your home.

5 Different Furniture Styles You Should Consider To Beautify Your Home!


Here are some of the most popular furniture styles to spice up your home decor and DIY interior design!

Rustic style

If you are going for an organic, natural and aged look for your home interior, then look no further! Rustic furniture styles provide you with that western ‘farmhouse or Tuscan’ warmful aesthetic for your interior space. The rustic style evokes a more relaxed and stuffy feeling, and the colour palette is uncomplicated but pleasing and warm.

The key for rustic furniture is on more natural and neutral colours with warmer tints, such as beige and brown, for your TV console, sofa, dining, etc. You don’t have to necessarily opt for hardwood materials for furniture pieces unless you have the budget. You can even incorporate whites and monochromatic tones.

Traditional style

If you are keen on ornamented details to your furniture, you might consider checking out traditional furniture pieces. Whether you’re opting for a retail variant or designer furniture in Singapore, this style provides your interior with a grand ‘European’ flair and elegance without compromising its simplistic appeal. The intricate embellishments and curve lines add fine details to create the signature designs you’d often see in most 19th century European homes.

Much like rustic, traditional style can add a touch of warmth, thanks to its use of wood tones and deeper colour palette and decorative details. It’s a decent balance between sophistication, elegance and simplicity in a single style. 

Modern furniture style

Modern style is something that most homes would like to have. A simple, clean, warm, smooth that goes well with accented vivid shades. The word ‘simplicity’ is perhaps the most defining summary for most modern designs, including furniture. From wooden dining chairs to TV consoles and bedframes, this style often evokes the ‘cold’ materials and neutral tones, incorporated with crisp lines and geometric shapes. 

Steel, metal, glass, wood and plastic are often the most common furniture material, making them versatile. Nonetheless, contemporary remains one of the more straightforward home designs you can achieve due to its sheer simplicity and clean look.

Transitional style

If you are after the middle ground between modern and classic design, transitional style might be right for you. The transitional style is the choice for many homeowners who like their designer furniture and interior design to look more modest without having to stuff for things and without appealing to trendy designs. It’s the perfect balanced style you need without requiring high-end plushy and elegant furnishings.

The most common characteristics of transitional furniture style incorporate modern silhouette with straight or curved line forms with a mix of glossy finishes. You can also use various shades with textures playing between leathery and linen. You can also use intricate accents to serve as decoration. 

Contemporary style

Contemporary and modern might seem almost the same. However, it’s the actual case, even when it comes to buying designer furniture. There are still differences between both. From the word itself ‘contemporary’, this style focuses more on the here and now, and it continues to change and evolve based on what is currently ‘trending’. Unlike modern, which derives from a past period, contemporary highlights the concepts of ‘futurism’ while maintaining simple silhouettes.

Many contemporary furniture styles incorporate more fluid, crisp and curved lines with neutral colours, such as chrome, grey and even black. Most furnishings only have a few ornament details while boasting of sleek lines. From chandeliers down to wooden dining chairs, contemporary emphasises functionality and minimalism.

Finding An Inspiration For Furnishings & Interior Decor


If you’re opting for designer furniture or a particular design for your interior, there are a handful of resources from online and publication materials to consider. Decorating your home shouldn’t be too hard when you have concrete ideas, goals, and the budget you’ll need. 

You’ll only need a guiding inspiration to help you plough through the decor ideas or find the ‘perfect’ furnishing you need for your home in most cases. Pinterest and other digital magazines or even interior design portfolios are enough to give you an ‘admirable selection’ for the decor or furniture you want to buy.

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