Best Fourth of July Decorations for Your Business in 2022

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The 4th of July is just around the corner and most businesses are taking part in this patriotic celebration in one way or another. July 4th is the day celebrated as the birth of American independence. One way to show your patriotism this year is to fly your American flags and make sure your business is decorated for the holidays. You might also consider hosting a corporate cookout or party or handing out something to your customers. Gestures like this can make you stand out as a company and as an employer to create an overall fun atmosphere in your company.

If you don’t have Fourth of July decorations, or if yours needs an upgrade, you can still get many different kinds of decorations for your business decor or your 4th of July party.

Where to get Fourth of July decorations

You can find many patriotic decorations on both Etsy and Amazon. We’ve put together some items that we think can help you decorate.

The Best Fourth of July Outdoor Decorations for Your Business

Your company’s facade and front door are the first things people see, so it’s naturally a perfect place for wreaths, plaques and other decorations. Here are some ideas for front door or porch decorations to use this Independence Day:

Wreaths & Garlands

Wreaths and streamers are very popular holiday decorations, and there are plenty of patriotic themed varieties. Etsy has light up garlands, and these vine-style berry wreaths come from Amazon. Other great wreaths include this one from Etsy and this burlap wreath from Amazon. There are also many types of garlands. One of our favorites is this red-white-blue Americana-style garland from Etsy and this classic tinsel garland from Amazon.

Door Signs and Plaques

A door sign or plaque is an alternative to wreaths for front door decorations. Say “hello” with patriotic flair with this door sign from Etsy or show your support for the troops with this one. Amazon also has you covered for patriotic door signs and plaques. We love this “farmhouse style” Sweet Land of Liberty sign, this leprechaun themed sign, and this rustic style American flag sign.

July 4 Bunting

Bunting is another classic way to show your patriotism for the fourth. However, there are plenty of non-traditional bunting options like this double-sided flag bunting from Etsy or this LED light bunting we found on Amazon. Of course, you can also find plenty of traditional bunting, like this one on Etsy and this two-piece bunting from Amazon.

string lights

Lights are a fun way to decorate no matter the holiday and they can be used year after year. There are, of course, the standard lights that come in many colors, including red, white, and blue, but there are also some pretty exciting 4th of July themed lights. Here are some rattan star lights, American flag star string lights, and American flag lantern lights, all available on Amazon.

The Best Fourth of July Indoor Decorations for Your Business

You can use most of the same types of decorations indoors as you do outdoors, such as string lights or garlands. However, some types of decorations lend themselves more to indoors such as balloons, paper plates, etc. Here are some ideas for 4th of July decorations for your indoor space:


Balloons are cheap and easy to arrange, so you can’t go wrong with putting up patriotic balloons to celebrate the 4th. Here’s a pack of 48 assorted patriotic themed balloons, a pack of 40 assorted foil balloons, and a 4th of July balloon arch kit, all from Amazon.

Plates and hanging decoration

These hanging stars or hanging ornaments can be a nice addition to your indoor decorations. Here are some window decals and a set of 36 hanging swirls, just to name a few.

Tabletop and other decorations

Placing decorations on windowsills, desks and tables can really dress up your space. For example, this rustic-style sign would look great on your reception or near your cash register. This interchangeable holiday frame has you covered for Independence Day as well as most other holidays, and here’s a fun American-themed tabletop tree. If you have the floor space, this patriotic light up tree would make an eye-catching addition to Fourth of July decorations.

The Best Fourth of July Giveaways

Mini Flags

Mini flags are a great giveaway. People can reuse them at home, office, cemeteries, etc. They come in packs of 100 like this, 30 like this, and everywhere in between.


Popcorn is an inexpensive and easy snack that’s great for a giveaway. Here’s a pack of 120 4th of July themed popcorn bags.


Hot dogs are another cheap and easy snack, and few things are more “American” than hot dogs! Treat your customers to a free Independence Day hot dog – they’re sure to appreciate it. Use these patriotic themed hot dog holders or this traditional one to add some July 4th flair.

Gift cards/promotions

Offer your customers a percentage discount or a gift card for a small amount for shopping on or around the 4th.

Don’t forget the kids!

If your customers have (or are children) children, make sure you have something for them too! Kids love stickers (adults too!) and temporary tattoos – here’s a pack of 1600 stickers with an assortment of patriotic themes and here are some temporary tattoos. Pinwheels are also great to give to kids – like this one from Amazon, and here are some fun glasses that kids are sure to love.

The Best Fourth of July Decorations for Cookouts

Maybe your company is having a corporate party on the 4th of July, or maybe you’re hosting one for your clients. Here are some essentials to make your Fourth of July celebration a patriotic success:

table decorations

Set your table with festive patriotic decorations like this 3-pack of red, white and blue tablecloths and these paper table toppers from Amazon. Etsy has this set of flower pots and these American placemats and lots of other table decorations.

Silverware & Plates

Here’s a 180 piece set of napkins, cups, plates and cutlery, and here’s one with 144 pieces. Buying such sets is generally cheaper than buying them separately.

Party supplies

Send your guests home with something nice. Some ideas are these red-white-and-blue leis, these mini pop-it key chains, or some crazy head boppers and chains. Drink cozies are always great party favors, as are these metal pails, which your guests can use for candles, snacks or their own decorations.

Where and how to fly your US flag

Most people display the American flag for the 4th of July and other patriotic holidays. There is protocol for flying the American flag, so if you’re feeding yours on your farm, you’ll want to make sure you’re feeding it correctly.

For example, a flag displayed from a staff that extends horizontally or at an angle from the windowsill, balcony or the front of a building, the union of the flag must be placed on top of the staff unless the flag is on the half stands staff. When displayed horizontally or vertically against a wall, the union should be at the top and to the right of the flag, or to the observer’s left. When displayed in a window, the flag should be displayed the same way, with the union or blue field to the left of the observer in the street. For more information on the flag display protocol, visit the American Legion website here.

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