Breaking The Stigma On Urinary Incontinence In Singapore

Are you aware that involuntary leakage of urine means a damaged bladder condition? The said health condition occurs due to the loss of control in the gallbladder and the urinary system. It allows a person to experience and suffer from being unable to control the sudden leaking of urine.

The stigma of urinary incontinence in Singapore and across the globe has been becoming alarming. It is the primary cause why people who have the condition bear a great deal of embarrassment and shame. They also experience a feeling of helplessness, which are the two primary reasons why people often avoid seeking help. For the patients, they feel ashamed to seek medical help. 

It is unfortunate that patients who have urinary incontinence in Singapore are embarrassed to get it treated because of the stigma. In fact, the underlying cause is efficiently and often treatable. Most diseases and conditions involving the urinary system are curable and have available treatments.


Almost ten (10) to 20 million patients every year suffer from involuntary loss of urine across the world. 20-30% of the given figure are patients who suffer from urinary incontinence in Singapore. Bladder leaks are one of the leading reasons why they do not want to get the help they need. Whether you are a patient, know someone who has the same urinary condition or is a urinary doctor, here is how you can help in breaking the stigma on urinary incontinence.


One of the most effective elements of empowerment is raising awareness. Not everyone is quite familiar with urinary, rectal, kidney, or digestion health problems, such as divarication of recti, ostomy surgery, or urinary incontinence. When it comes to urinary complications, the only well-known health problems are urinary tract infection (UTI) or sexually transmitted infection (STI). 

Raising awareness and voices can help educate other people about the condition. People should know that it is a urinary condition, and language matters so much for the patients suffering from it. Through this, people can show more compassion to patients going through urinary incontinence in Singapore.

By educating other people, the reality of urinary incontinence can be clarified. People would also stop viewing it as less embarrassing because they know more about the condition. 


If you know a patient or a family member who experiences a similar condition, inform them. You may start researching the various types of urinary incontinence in Singapore. Learn about the available treatments in the country, causes of the condition, or other organs that can affect bladder leakage. Consider looking for doctors and clinics that you can recommend to them.

60% of the patients with urinary incontinenceare women. It can occur in both pregnant or not women. You may inform them that the condition is easily treatable. It just requires delicate and careful pre-and postnatal care by Singapore doctors. Mums just need to apply extra love and care to their urinary system and postpartum belly.

Urinary doctors or urogynecologists must ensure to discuss the condition, the causes, treatments, and how common it can be to the patients in the most straightforward way possible.



One of the ways to help patients cope is to encourage them to seek help. Urinary incontinence in Singapore has many accessible treatment options. Given the fact that the country is one of the most technologically advanced, is prominent and has expertise in the medical field, the possibilities of medication are endless. Encourage patients or people with incontinence to seek out treatment.  

Dealing with urinary incontinence in Singapore all by yourself can be depressing. Learn to speak up and find a support system who you can trust and help you manage the stress of incontinence. It may be a friend, family member, or a Urogynecologist. You may also consider looking for a support or community group that experiences the same condition. 

Another way to help break down the walls of shame for patients with urinary incontinence in Singaporeis by providing emotional support. As a friend, you can always listen and help them during times they cannot control their urine. As a Urologist or Urogynecologist, you must remember to maintain sympathy before, during, and after the treatment. Emotional support can boost their feelings and can also go a long way.


Like diastasis recti exercises, there are exercises that can help fix urinary incontinence naturally. The patient may do pelvic floor or Kegel exercises at home. These exercises are particularly effective and helpful in getting your bladder control back. 

Also, to help them feel more supported, you may recommend the top Urogynecologist options that can treat their urinary incontinence in Singapore. These urinary doctors can help patients by providing medication, therapies, or suggesting exercises. They will also prescribe incontinence products and medicines, which can make and help the patient feel comfy.

You may suggest a few lifestyle changes and home remedies to patients with urinary incontinence in Singapore. They can start by eating foods high in fibre as these foods can prevent constipation and maintain a smooth flow in urine. While foods with high fibre are allowed, they must avoid foods that are high in acid, such as caffeine, alcohol, sodas, etc. These can irritate the bladder, which triggers the patient’s urinary incontinence. They must also avoid smoking. 

Maintaining a healthy lifestyle, diet, and weight may be challenging at first. But these changes can help a patient be alive and kicking despite their urinary incontinence in Singapore. Taking baby steps in these changes can help until the bladder leakage fully recovers.

Final Thoughts

Urinary incontinence in Singapore is a curable condition that should be discussed with both patients and the public. Aside from leaking urine, other signs of urinary incontinence are strong urges to urinate anywhere and bed-wetting. There are other urinary problems that people should know about to avoid discrimination and break the stigma. Also, keep in mind the general rule in health, early diagnosis for whatever health problem equals early medications. Getting early treatments can help you feel snug as a bug and live without worries.

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