Buying A Vivo, Samsung, Or Other Android Smartphone? Here’s A Guide To Follow

People have a one-of-a-kind relationship with mobile phones nowadays. Individuals of virtually every age group have and use them daily. They use their smartphone units to instantly communicate with their family, friends, and colleagues wherever they are in Malaysia. Students use them to attend remote learning sessions and research various sources for their homework assignments. Moreover, people use mobile phones to listen to music, read books, and watch movies or TV series—using them as a convenient and multi-functional alternative to gadgets like their Samsung TV.

Members of the working population also benefit from having mobile phones. They allow bosses to stay in touch with their employees and ensure they are fulfilling their tasks. Team members can use their company-provided Vivo smartphone units to talk to each other while remotely working on a project. They can send updates through messaging apps and forward files like proposals and reports. Some business owners also encourage their employees to use phones at work since some mobile applications help them stay organised and productive.


But like other devices you may own, phones do not last forever. Whether you own a Samsung or Vivo smartphone, you can expect your device to experience issues after a few years. Its battery capacity degrades over time, and technology experts have not yet found a way to create a mobile phone that could last for decades. Moreover, manufacturers frequently update operating systems to accommodate user needs. Older models cannot handle these refurbishments since they lack the features to adapt to them, resulting in their degradation.

Buying a phone can be challenging for some individuals, especially if they are unsure when and how to purchase a new unit. They often have trouble choosing between Vivo, Samsung, and other smartphone brands since they often claim to carry the best models in the country. Fortunately, you can refer to guides like this to help you find and pick a new Android phone.

  1. Why You Should Get A New Phone This 2022

Despite the importance of having a new mobile phone every few years, numerous Malaysian residents refuse to replace their old ones. They think new devices are not worthwhile investments if their current phones are still but barely functional. If you feel reluctant to purchase a new Samsung or other Android smartphone unit, perhaps seeing the following signs could change your mind about not having a new mobile gadget:

A. Your Old Phone Got Damaged Beyond Repair

If your old Vivo smartphone got drenched in water or smashed after falling, consider getting a new one—especially if your repairman could no longer fix it. If they do, it may cost more than the latest Android phone model.

B. Your Old Phone Is Outdated

If you are still using the phone you got ten years ago, perhaps it is time to let your old device retire. Android and iPhone price tags in Malaysia may seem expensive, but getting a new smartphone will be a worthy investment.

C. Your Old Phone Gets Drained Easily

Does your Samsung smartphone no longer last a day? You can replace its batteries to make it functional, but purchasing a new model is arguably the better option. Getting a replacement battery does not guarantee a solution to your issue since your old phone may have hardware problems, causing it to drain juice quickly.

D. Your Old Phone Restarts Randomly

Mobile phone users typically restart their devices when resetting and refreshing their system or an app. But what if your Vivo smartphone turns off and on at random times of the day? Is it a sign indicating your need for a replacement? You can try to have an expert fix it, but it may be better to purchase a new one to save costs and keep yourself from getting stressed.

E. Your Old Phone Ran Out Of Storage Space

Mobile applications and operating systems keep getting bigger to serve users better. If developers add more features, their programmes may get bulkier. Old models may be unsuitable for these applications or have trouble functioning, so you should consider purchasing a new Vivo, Samsung, or other Android smartphone options.

F. Your Old Phone Does Not Suit Your Needs Anymore

Mobile devices, including the latest Samsung smartphone models, have features that address user needs. They can assist you with your daily errands and work responsibilities through their applications, helping you become more efficient and organised. But if your old unit can no longer assist you with your tasks, it may be time to consider going to a nearby phone retailer to buy a new one.

  1. A Guide To Choosing An Android Smartphone

If you think you could benefit from a new mobile device, you may wonder about going out or online to purchase one. But before looking for a store and choosing a model, you should keep a few things in mind. From learning about your needs to checking Android and iPhone price comparisons in Malaysia, here’s how to find and choose the ideal smartphone:

A. Understand Your Needs. The ideal Vivo or Samsung smartphone should provide solutions to your concerns and accommodate your every need.

B. Compare Your Options. The market is brimming with gadget options. You could choose between Samsung and Apple smartphone units and pick one depending on your preferences and needs.

C. Learn About The Specs. The specifications of a mobile device will dictate its ability to serve users like you. Whether you plan to purchase a Samsung or Vivo smartphone, do not forget to check its display size, processor capacity, and other features that would affect its serviceability and performance.

D. Check The Storage Space. If you plan to use your Vivo smartphone for various purposes, consider getting a model with a larger storage capacity. Doing so will ensure it can assist you and address your needs.

E. Consider The Price. Android brands like Samsung and iPhone units come at different price points in Malaysia. Before purchasing one, learn about the cost of your preferred model and see if it is a worthy investment.

  1. Get An Android Smartphone Today!

Getting a Vivo or Samsung smartphone can be overwhelming, especially if you are unsure what to look for in such a device. To help you find the right phone, consider the tips above to determine when and how to purchase a new unit.

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