Cameo reintroduces live video calling with Cameo Live

Cameo is ready to go live again.

The platform that allows users to purchase personalized video messages from celebrities today unveiled Cameo Live, a new feature that allows 10 minutes of video calls for up to 10 fans.

Cameo Live is an extension of Cameo’s previous efforts to go beyond pre-recorded videos. The company even launched a version of Cameo Live in June 2020, which enabled conversations with celebrities via Zoom; that iteration was discontinued in April 2021. That same year, the company also introduced Cameo Calls, two-minute sessions billed as virtual meet and greets.

“A live video component has always been part of our mission to provide the most authentic and personalized fan experiences on the planet, but we really wanted to perfect it,” said Cameo CEO and Co-Founder Steven Galanis. “The team has previously experimented with other versions of live video calls and gathered valuable insights from talent and fans to create [Cameo Live].”

The new edition of Cameo Live, which will be hosted on Cameo and not via Zoom, will allow users to add more people to the conversation (previously, a maximum of 4 fans were allowed, now there is a maximum of 10). Users also have more flexibility when scheduling a live call, with the ability to propose three different options for a date.

Cameo Live is part of what the company calls Cameo 2.0 – that is, the next chapter in their pursuit of creating a “full-service” platform fan experiences. It is undoubtedly a strategy aimed at reinvigorating the growth of the company.

[Image: courtesy of Cameo]Cameo saw massive growth in business in 2020 as celebrities looked for new revenue streams during the pandemic and users looked for fun ways to connect with loved ones remotely. However, in May, The Information reported that Cameo had laid off 25% of its staff (about 80 employees). The move was accelerated by a slowdown in sales: Cameo raked in about $100 million in transactions by the end of 2021 — a far cry from Galanis’ projection of $200 to 300 million for the year.

Galanis sees Cameo Live as a way to take the surprise and delight factor that the company so often touts with its core product to the next level.

“Taking that one step further and making it a two-way experience is a huge opportunity for us,” he says. “Thousands of talent and fans have already been incredibly receptive in the testing phase and with this launch and the infinite number of ways to use the product, we expect bookings to grow the business.”

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