Choosing A CSR Program Benefiting Children In Singapore

Corporate social responsibility or CSR is a philanthropic opportunity where private companies, groups, and organisations can engage with the community. There are lots of CSR programmes to choose from; companies can donate to a charity organisation in Singapore, partner up with a school to sponsor the education of children in need or conduct annual tree planting and ocean cleaning activities.

But why are CSR programmes important? Are all private organisations required to sustain one? Even in a capitalist world, continuously getting everything is morally bad; we must learn to give back. CSR programmes are a way to balance the social and economic responsibility of businesses and companies.

Companies adopt a CSR program in Singapore for many reasons. Firstly, it improves their image. Although it is a bare minimum for humans to help people in need, some consumers still get impressed by the philanthropic work of the brands they support.

Secondly, the company becomes more engaged with the community they are helping through the programmes, hence building more networks and spreading brand awareness.

Lastly, it gives purpose to the staff. It tells the employees that they are not only working for the company and family’s prosperity but also for the people who benefit from their CSR program in Singapore.

CSR Programmes That Benefit Children And Youth

As mentioned, there are tons of projects companies can set up crowdfunding for in Singapore. For example, they can give back to the environment by initiating tree planting and ocean clean-up drives. Companies can also help neglected seniors through atax deductible donationto nursing homes.

But perhaps, the most vulnerable group of people in dire need is the children and youth. 

Here are the CSR programmes that benefit children:

1. Hunger relief for children in poverty

Nutrient deficiency and malnourishment have been found to affect children’s physical growth and cognitive development. Malnourished children are mostly stunted. They are shorter and lighter than the standard weight and height of children of their age should be.

Malnourished children’s cognitive performance, such as memory,spatial IQ, reading ability, and so on, significantly pales to healthier children. 

Companies can initiate hunger relief projects as part of their CSR program in Singapore. Feeding programmes, free school lunches, free community pantries, sustainable community and urban farms, and food rations for low-income families provide access to healthy food. 

It can provide hunger relief until long-term solutions that address the root cause of hunger, poverty, are established.

2. Education for children

Educating children is a way to break the cycle of poverty amongst the most vulnerable group of people. If children get proper education, they have a higher chance of finding jobs that pay well and can provide for their families. They can also make better decisions in life, such as determining the right time to start a family, making investments, and more.

Believe it or not, many children use their education to give back to the community they came from. For example, children who graduated as teachers or doctors choose to serve in their community schools and clinics as a way of paying forward.

There are many ways to send children to school. For example, many companies allocate their tax deductible donation in Singapore to sponsor a youth’s college education. Some provide learning materials, such as school supplies, bags, computers, and laptops.

Some businesses partner with organisations that have established academic projects, such as training programmes and weekend classes for out-of-school youth, in remote communities.

3. Health programmes for children


Poverty is linked to poor health in children. When children don’t have access to affordable healthy food, get regular checkups, and are exposed to harmful environments, they become prone to many illnesses.

For example, children can get diarrhoea and hepatitis A from ingesting dirty and contaminated food and water. The lack of proper sanitation for hygiene increases their risk of cholera and dysentery.

Moreover, street children are more prone to car accidents and injuries due to not child-friendly environments.

There are also cases where children are genetically at a higher risk of developing life-threatening illnesses, such as cancer and congenital heart diseases.

Many companies initiate crowdfunding in Singaporethat will sponsor medication or surgery for these kids in need. Some build decent toilets in remote communities to prevent diseases from spreading due to poor sanitation.

Some businesses, in partnership with hospitals and organisations, conduct medical and dental missions and free consultations in remote areas. Others launch health awareness seminars in communities that include family planning topics, dengue prevention tips, and healthy food preparation.

4. Child protection programmes

As part of the most vulnerable group in the community, children are easily abused. The abuses range from sexual abuse and domestic violence to child exploitation and neglect.

Many programmes help protect children and build safe spaces for them. For example, a charity organisation in Singapore may conduct seminars and lectures in communities that teach the stakeholders, such as the neighbours, teachers, and authorities, to be vigilant on the first signs of child abuse. It is the foundation of creating a safe community for children and preventing abuse.

Companies can also sponsor psychiatric support to children and teenagers experiencing trauma and depression due to abuse. Some organisations regularly check the conditions of neglected children in foster homes and execute recreational activities for them.

5. Recreational programmes for children with special needs.

It is important for children with special needs to feel that they belong in the community. Unfortunately, you can only count occasions where children with disabilities can do things in the neighbourhoodwithout being discriminated against or treated differently.

Thankfully, aCSR program in Singapore can be an opportunity to give back to children with special needs. Some companies execute an annual sporting event or summer camp for children with disabilities. Others let these children experience working at an office, factory, and grocery store for a day like a regular employee.

Some also initiatecrowdfunding in Singapore to sponsor recreational classes, such as baking, art lectures, cooking, and more.


Our children are our future. Investing and protecting them are funding and safeguarding our country’s progress. If you are a company or an organisation thinking of a perfect CSR program in Singapore for children, you can get ideas from the items above.

Singapore Children’s Society

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