Choosing the Right Steps for the French Bulldogs Now

With his crisp face, his funny ears and his clownish behavior, the French bulldog makes us melt. However, scoundrels also have a possessive and jealous tendency. So when it comes to sharing the attention of your master, you wonder.

How does the Frenchie react with children? Your little ones are asking for a dog and you are thinking of adopting a French Bulldog? The French bulldog he will accept the arrival of a baby with joy or he risk of aggression? Best friends or conflictual relationship, here are some tips for successful cohabitation between the French bulldog and the children.

The French bulldog: an ideal playmate for children

Affectionate, friendly and entertaining, the French bulldog naturally overflows with enthusiasm for playing with children. Indeed, the French bulldog is one of the most tolerant breeds and the best adapted to live with children on a daily basis.

Always motivated to share a game, the French Bulldog spreads its good humor and clowning as soon as it is included in a group. In the game, the scoundrel is very involved and yet very gentle with toddlers. Educating the young puppy remains a crucial step to teach him not to rush “in the heap” head down and respect the young.

Totally absorbed in the game, your Frenchie dog gives 200%. Playful, this physical exercise is the best there is for its daily energy expenditure. However, do not lose sight of his fragile health. Sensitive to respiratory problems, running is not recommended and swimming should be formally supervised due to the risk of drowning.

For a healthy and lasting relationship at the heart of the family tribe

A faithful companion, the French Bulldog devotes infinite adoration to his masters, including the youngest. Once integrated into your family, the French bulldog considers him a VIP member of the family nucleus. Very attached to his family, The French bulldog seeks to take part in all adventures, especially those including children. For his well-being, integrate him as much as possible into your walks and outings, especially if he can play with the little ones.

As you age, your French bulldog puppy, all foolish, will become a mature, respectful and even protective dog. Adapted to your lifestyle, he jealously watches over the well-being of his dear family tribe. Very intelligent, he quickly integrates the rules and limits not to be crossed, including with children. Little by little, this ideal and very friendly playmate tolerates the awkwardness of children better and better as long as they don’t push the plug too far.


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