Divorce & Your Child – Everything You Need To Know


Aside from hiring a corporate lawyer or a criminal defence lawyer in Singapore for many legal problems, lawyers can also be a mediator for divorce to help resolve dispute issues. One of the most common disputes occurring after a post-divorce setting is enforcing access and custody orders. 

When Divorce Can Be A Muddy & Destructive Procedure 

Access to their child is in the case of parents enforcing Court orders, yet there are many difficulties to face, especially when breached. A parent who has made a breach of the Court Order has the recourse to institute Committal Proceedings for enforcing the former order under the current rules, and the procedure is riddled with contentment and lengthy process.

On the other hand, the division of matrimonial assets is also another difficult procedure. The legal process adds the matrimonial assets in the form of a matrimonial pool, which the Court must decide whether it’s a “just or equitable” decision. Hiring the best divorce lawyer in Singapore often represents a single contesting party against the other in the ancillary matter. As we see, numerous complications and legal battles arise from divorce. Yet what many overlook are the ones that remain hidden but are also affected equally by the two separating parties. 

Children & Divorce


If you’re planning to opt for a divorce or family lawyer in Singapore, one of the many top concerns of two parties should consider their children first. The timing of filing a divorce can have a detrimental impact on the child. For example, you wouldn’t want to file a divorce against your partner when your child is recovering in a hospital or taking a national examination. Understand that your child may be too young to understand the complexity of the relationship with your partner. However, it can bear a psychological impact and affect your child’s behaviour.

Divorce can be devastating, not just for the couple. Your child can be smart and conscious enough to be aware of a broken marital relationship that is beyond saving. It’s more than just hiring a divorce or probate lawyer in Singapore to help with settling the issue. It’s also about being concerned for your child before, during and after the procedure. According to Family Assist, children from divorced families have a higher rate of developing mental health issues in the long run. Minimising the conflict of divorce is the best course of action that both parties can do for the betterment of their child and their relationship.

Here are a few pointers to reflect for your child if you’re final in deciding to opt for a divorce:

  • Know and understand what your child is going through at the moment.
  • Understand what your child can get from good counselling.
  • Identify what you can do to your child to show your support while in the middle of the divorce process.
  • Ask for counselling with a divorce/family lawyer for the best action that will benefit your child.
  • Be aware if you are experiencing your child’s conflicts with your spouse.
  • Identify what conflicts can cause stress/distress to your child.

It is better to have a loving single-parent family than a complete, warring and conflict-filled environment from a ‘complete’ family. Helping your child to live and grow in a peaceful, caring, and toxic-free environment is ideal for their long-term growth and development. Consulting with a divorce or family lawyer in Singapore can go a mile to prevent more conflicts and ensure a peaceful divorce settlement between you and your partner for your child.

How ToMinimise The Effects Of Divorce On Your Child


The parents’ marital woes can ruin a child’s focus on academics and become a painful experience throughout their childhood to adolescence. Divorce can harm and traumatise them in their entire life, and as a parent, you have the moral obligation to settle peaceful and civilised warfare with your spouse without causing harm to your child. 

While it’s essential that you get the best divorce lawyer in Singapore to get you through the procedure, it’s vital that you recognise how you can minimise the impact of divorce on your child. Without further ado, here are ways you can do to minimise the effects of divorce on your child:

Avoid making derogatory comments about the other parent.

You must avoid making derogatory comments that will paint your ex-partner as a terrible person in front of your child. Badmouthing will only harm their relationship with the other parent, and it is not something healthy for your child.

Avoid using your child to relay a message to your ex-spouse.

While hiring a divorce lawyer or opting for a  divorce mediation in Singapore is ideal for having a peaceful divorce settlement between you and your soon-to-be ex-spouse, you should avoid using your child as a messenger for relaying and communicating. If your relationship with the other parent is under serious strain, consider using a mediator to coordinate and serve as a third party for facilitating communications.

Avoid withholding visitation of the other parent.

Child support and visitation can be separate matters from a legal standpoint. Refrain from interfering and instead respect your child’s right to see and continue their relationship with the other parent. Consider opting for a family lawyer for sound advice and counselling regarding child support.

Avoid dragging your child into every quarrel.

Resolving dispute issues between you and the other parents should be done in private. Prevent venting your anger and frustrations about your ex-spouse or the other parent in front of your child. Otherwise, it will have a negative impact and can cause disruption to your child’s life, knowing that their parents are fighting.

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