Dooeys rediscovers slippers to make them supportive and sustainable

Shoppers had two main choices when it came to footwear for the home: outdoor shoes or thin, non-supportive slippers. But Dooeys wants to change that.

The company takes the simple concept of slippers and turns them into a quality, durable item. Read on for the company’s journey in this week’s Small Business Spotlight.

What does the company do?

Offers modern, durable slippers.

Founder Jordan Clark told Small Business Trends, “At Dooeys, we reinvent slippers for modern family life and create stylish and supportive home shoes made from plant-based and recycled materials.”

Business niche

Fulfilling multiple needs at once.

Clark says: “We are one of the few slipper brands that combines style, support and durability. Most brands sacrifice style for support or forgo using eco-friendly materials thinking it will sacrifice their design, but we spare no detail on how shoes are made, resulting in a shoe that empowers people look good, feel good and do good for the planet every step of the way.”

How the company started

After noticing a gap in the market.

Clark was tired of having to choose between non-supportive slippers and outdoor shoes. She also couldn’t find a slipper made from eco-friendly materials. So she created what she wished she could find.

Biggest win

Securing their first angel investment.

Clark added, “Up to that point, we’ve boosted the business by raising initial funds through pre-orders and been sloppy getting the word out.”

Biggest Risk

Start with it.

Clark explains, “Going from an idea to an investment in inventory and marketing is a huge step. A lean mindset has enabled us to do this successfully by starting small and growing slowly so we can test and see what works.”

How would they spend an extra $100,000?

Inventory and digital marketing.

Clark says, “I would use it to inventory and market our product through digital advertising to continue to showcase people looking for stylish and durable slippers.”

Company names

A Dutch goodbye.

Clark previously lived in Amsterdam. Her favorite Dutch word, “bye” means goodbye. She also appreciates the enthusiasm with which the chipper is often delivered.

She adds, “Give those old, floppy, unsupportive slippers an enthusiastic bye — and slip your feet into their new fave slipshoes, Dooeys!”

Image: Dooeys, Jordan Clark

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