Elon Musk Suggests You Use Chronological Tweets Above Anything ‘The Algorithm’ Suggests

Elon Musk, CEO of Tesla Inc. TSLA, Wednesday, preferred the chronological order of tweets to the algorithm-driven option.

What happened: The billionaire entrepreneur has agreed to a $44 billion deal to buy Twitter Inc. TWTR and keep it private, a platform where he has pledged to return freedom of speech and debate.

Muak took to Twitter to share his thoughts and also showed how users could use the choice on the microblogging platform introduced a few years ago.

“Tap the stars in (the) top right corner of (the) screen to return to chronological…,” Musk tweeted.

Tap the stars in the top right corner of the screen to return to chronological

— Elon Musk (@elonmusk) May 12, 2022

Twitter first started rolling out its algorithmic timeline to some online slack in 2016 and introduced the sparkle icon to let you switch between the algorithmic and reverse chronological feeds in 2018.

Musk’s opinion won the endorsement of Twitter co-founder and former CEO Jack Dorsey, who resigned in November to focus on digital payments company Block Inc SQ.

“This is the way,” Dorsey, 45, tweeted.

“Although the algorithm is good at unearthing things that you would otherwise miss by not scrolling. Reverse chronology (is) best for live and breaking events,” Dorsey said, adding that the ability to choose from different options is most important.

Why it matters: The world’s richest man has jacked up his finances to close the $44 billion mega-take-private deal for Twitter, a platform he sees as the foundation of democracy.

Musk said Tuesday he would revoke former President Donald Trump’s Twitter ban, saying it was “a mistake, because it alienated much of the country and ultimately did not result in Donald Trump having no voice.”

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Dorsey, who was the company’s CEO when Trump was permanently banned from the social media website, said it was a “business decision” and “shouldn’t have been”.

The deal is expected to close later this year with approval from Twitter shareholders and regulators.

Price action: Twitter closed 2.4% lower at $46 on Wednesday.

Photo: Courtesy of Nvidia Corp. via Flickr

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