Energy drink sales will hit $225 billion by 2026 – what’s fueling the rise?

Energy drinks are currently booming in the US, with sales expected to reach a staggering $225 billion by 2026.

To discover the sheer popularity behind the energy drink industry, Pre-Workouk World, an organization focused on unraveling the ingredients in pre-workout supplements, has put together an infographic.

Energy drink sales will reach $225 billion by 2026 – What’s fueling the rise?

The Why Energy Drinks Big Business infographic draws on data from several respected sources to provide an in-depth look at the industry. These sources include Medical News Today, Grand View Research, Beverage Industry, and National Library of Medicine.

The research provides important insight into what helps drive business success that all companies can learn from.

Energy Drinks and Esports

One of the reasons behind the surge in energy drink sales is the industry’s relationship with eSports. As the infographic shows, some of the biggest teams in eSports, recognizing the potential in this growing industry, have secured lucrative sponsorships from energy drink companies.

For example, TSM signed a $410 million deal with G FUEL. Cloud9 has managed to bring in $350 million by partnering with Red Bull.

As the PreWorkout World infographic notes, “Energy drink companies are aggressively selling their products to gamers and eSports players based on their performance-enhancing properties.”

This “aggressive” marketing strategy of winning contracts with well-known, lucrative and even emerging brands can be successfully adopted by small businesses in various industries looking to sell their products and expand their reach.

Attempts to appeal to more consumers

The infographic also shows how, as the beverage industry tries to appeal to more consumers, we can expect more plant-based energy ingredients, including maca and guarana. The research suggests the industry will introduce reformulations, including more natural sources of caffeine. More attention will probably also be paid to better quality and organic ingredients.

The research therefore sends an important message about evolving and adapting products to meet changing consumer demands, as a means of nurturing longevity and success.

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