EXCLUSIVE: Phyto Partners launches fourth Private Equity Fund

Venture capital fund Phyto Partners, LLC, today announced the launch of its fourth private equity fund, named Phyto IV, LP, focused on companies engaged in neurowellness and brain health, as well as the therapeutic use of psychedelic compounds. Phyto has entered into a partnership with Ambria Capital, LLC to manage the new fund.

Larry Schnurmacher, a managing partner of Phyto Partners, commented: “The neurowellness sector has become one of the fastest-growing and largest markets in decades, and current regulatory hurdles have created an early-stage funding gap for companies that uniquely poised for significant growth.” He added that “we are early, maybe very early, but we believe the neurowellness space can develop and unfold much faster than the cannabis market.”

Cory Shandraw, the managing partner of Phyto Partners, said they were looking for growth potential.

“As early pioneers in the field of psychedelics, we are of course excited about the enormous growth potential, but more importantly, we are grateful to be able to play a role in the development of new forms of medicine with real promise to improve people’s lives. to benefit. As more people begin to realize the possibilities within neurowellness, we believe that awareness will continue to increase, driving normalization and continued growth of the industry,” concluded Shandraw.

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