Fair Judgement: How to Reduce Biases in the Justice System

Biases exist because of unfair treatment in society. There is a great divide between skin colour, life status, and someone’s sexuality. In this world full of prejudice, some innocent people are the victims of unfair ruling in the court system. For instance, if the suspect is a man, he is automatically accused of rape or sexual harassment. People assume they steal things if the person has a dark skin colour, especially in the United States. As a practicing probate lawyer in Singapore, you must be mindful of your unconscious biases for a fairer conclusion.

Lawyers are the beacon of justice. And so, you need to show yourself as someone who judges beyond personal characteristics and social standings. There is even a saying that rich people can get away from punishment. It is the reality, but you can change this by being a better lawyer for the oppressed.

So, if you want to become the best divorce lawyer in Singapore, learn how biases affect your decision when ruling a court system. 

How Can Biases Affect Your Decision Making

Human beings have unconscious biases due to social conditioning and life-long experiences. The media also played a role in shaping the view of people toward a group of people. For instance, men are usually the perpetrator in movies. Although it is the truth, other groups of gender can also do the same thing. So, when partnering with a family lawyer in Singapore, here are ways how biases can affect your decision-making. 

  • Professional/Expert Bias – What if the accused is professional and successful? The one who looks like they have everything. Perhaps, an esteemed doctor or businessman. In the courtroom, people would most likely believe a person who looks professional because they look more educated. This way, the real victim might get overlooked and provide unfair punishment. 
  • Physical Look Bias – As a criminal defence lawyer in Singapore, providing fair treatment to the people around you is admirable. If the person looks attractive, it does not mean the individual is innocent. It is perhaps because of media representation, where beautiful people are always the main character and never the villain. 
  • Culture/Ethnicity Bias – Due to colonisation, some assumed that there is a certain race that is superior. In reality, every person is the same. If you put this inside the courtroom, people will more likely believe someone with lighter skin. However, the best divorce lawyer will look beyond this characteristic and know the truth behind the story. 
  • Gender Bias –Gender bias affects people even in the justice system. It can also harm men because people will easily believe in sexual harassment and rape accusations. Anyone can harass a person, whether you are a female or male, or even LGBTQ. Plus, a family lawyermay also favour women in child custody. 
  • Popularity Bias – The more popular a person is, the more likely he is to be innocent. What if the actor of your favourite drama physically abused his partner? His fans will say: No, he is not like that. He is kind and loving. As a probate lawyer, make sure to prevent judging the person based on their personality.
  • Similarity Bias – There are many criminal cases a lawyer can handle. Of course, different people are playing in each case. One mistake a lawyer can make is a similar bias. For instance, they might believe that a person is a suspect because it reminds them of the previous case. 

Now that you know how these biases can affect your decision-making process. It is better to reduce unconscious bias when working as a probate, divorce, or family lawyer in Singapore.


How to Reduce Biases in the Justice System

As a lawyer, you are the bearer of truth and justice. But sometimes, biases can get in the way and affect your decision-making. Due to this mistake, the innocent may not get the justice they deserve. So, to become the best divorce lawyer in Singapore, here are the ways to reduce biases in the justice system. 

  1. Ask for Different Perspectives

The lawyer is responsible for knowing the different perspectives of the people involved in the case. By learning more about their stories, you can see who is telling the truth. It is harmful to assume a person is innocent because of the characteristics. By doing so, lawyers can prevent your biases and provide justice for those who need it. Also, being knowledgeable about the law in Singapore, like the Women’s Charter, you can offer fair assumptions to your clients. 

It can protect them from unfair judgements and punish the people who deserve it in the first place. You can set a schedule for interviews and ask the essential questions for more knowledge to ask for different perspectives.

  1. Practise Social Awareness

Social awareness can also help you learn more about the unfair system that is happening around the world. For instance, some children can fall under the hands of predatory adults, whether a man or a woman. People can also suffer physical abuse inside a marriage, like in the Depp vs Heard case. As you become more socially aware, you will know how to handle marriage cases and provide the right solutions. 

When you practise divorce mediation in Singapore, you must be aware of your biases because they can affect your final decision. Finally, you can give justice to those who need it the most. 

  1. Check on Your Behaviour

The best way to prevent biases is to check on your behaviour. This way, you can stop yourself before ruling unfair judgements. As a criminal defence lawyer in Singapore, you must catch yourself if you are showing signs of bias toward certain people. You must be fair and just in the courtroom to give people the justice they deserve. 

  1. Apologise and Be Accountable

Lawyers are also human beings, and they can make mistakes. Once you do, it is better to apologise and be accountable. Own up to your mistakes and give people the justice they deserve. As the best divorce lawyer in Singapore, teach yourself how to apologise and set things right for your clients. 
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