Family Law In Singapore: 4 Common Issues And How To Resolve Them

Many family issues can arise due to certain factors. It can be a lack of trust between couples, improper inheritance allocation because there are no legal papers to prove it, and in worse cases, violence against children or the misuse of power over someone. The solution? Family law in Singapore protects and helps them resolve these things – with the help of a lawyer, of course. 

The takeaway here is that anyone can solve these issues and live peacefully afterwards. Here is an article about family matters and their corresponding solutions. 


There is no single word or concept that can describe these things, but the usual case would be about a client – or a victim – trusting a family lawyer in Singapore to assist them in resolving issues through legal means. In short, everything starts with a problem, and then the people involved seek assistance to resolve everything peacefully. 

One factor in family issues is the wrongful exercise of power among people. An instance would be a family member assaulting (verbally, physically, and sexually) someone for no valid reason at all, and the problem lies within the idea that the victim cannot assume their rights as a person (the solution for this is a personal protection order in Singapore). 

Varying preferences are also another factor that contributes to family feuds. These can happen during inheritance proceedings, where some people put their interests first while others want to go with what is right. Consequently, they cannot meet halfway or make a compromise if they do not hire a family lawyer. It will just cause an endless string of quarrels. 

In the next part, let us explore various family problems and their respective solutions. (Take note, it is not a one-size-fits-all case, so consult with a family or criminal lawyer in Singapore to resolve your situation.) 


Family issues are complicated and different for everyone. There can be two couples with marital problems, but the other might resolve them faster. It stems from the fact that people have different personalities. Another would be the quality of a family and criminal law firm in Singapore: These organisations have different approaches to settling matters. 

The positive thing is that there are so many ways of resolving these things. It is just a matter of trusting the best family and criminal lawyer who can assist you in settling everything. Another factor is your cooperation throughout the process. 




Marital problems come in different forms. The first one would be personal differences. The couple might be disagreeing with one another all the time or finding it hard to make a compromise when it comes to their attitudes. Second, a family lawyer in Singapore also deals with married couples with infidelity issues. It happens when one spouse commits adultery – or engages in illicit relationships outside the marriage. Lastly, divorce cases arise when there is a need for legal separation. A spouse can leave the house whenever they want, but they should also legally settle everything. 


The first step is to hire a lawyer who specialises in family law in Singapore. Why? They know the government mandates and the legal proceedings that help couples resolve problems. Another would be the possibility of things getting worse if they decide to take matters into their own hands. In short, seek a solution immediately. 




The issue of inheritance and estate proceedings arise from family members who cannot agree with the last will & testament of the deceased. In worse cases, there are no papers or any legal files that can prove the claim. So, the purpose of the family law in Singapore is to protect everyone and ensure a rightful and just allocation to the descendants. 


In this case, a family lawyer will refer to the succession laws to provide solutions to their clients. That way, everything will be legal and just for the family members. Doing this helps them avoid further disagreements and quarrels that might lead to severe problems in the family. 




Violence and abuse can be physical, verbal, and sexual. These happen when a person wrongfully exercises their power against someone, and then the victim has no advantage over them. In worse cases, the latter might not be able to call a criminal lawyer in Singapore because of their harsh circumstances. 


Violence and abuse is probably the most challenging case a criminal law firm will take. The victim might even be that powerless, and they have no means to get out of their situation to contact a legal professional. In this case, the best thing to do is call the authorities or ask a loved one for help. After that, present a compelling case that validates the wrongful acts of the perpetrator. 




Adoption is a bit different from the three mentioned earlier. It is less severe, and there are no victims of abuse and disagreements. First, such cases happen when a couple wants to adopt a child from an orphanage. Essentially, family law in Singapore indicates that a couple must be fit and eligible to support someone 21-years-old and below. The second instance would be a newlywed couple who had children before the marriage. They will need to adopt the children to become an official family. 


Parents cannot just take a child home without undergoing the necessary procedures. They need a family lawyerto help them file papers and prove their eligibility for parenthood. Another would be the court proceedings, interviews, and other matters that secure legal adoption. It is a long process, so make sure you have the means to undergo everything. Think of it as protection for the child. 


The key takeaway here is to hire the best family andcriminal law firm that suits your legal needs. Also, examine their credibility and experience as legal service providers. 

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