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Selling is a complex process that seems simple. It involves applying different strategies to different types of consumers. B2B selling is the sale of products or services from one company to another. And for small businesses in the B2B segment, learning what it takes to make a sale to another company is a valuable skill. There are several offers online for B2B sales courses that you can take right now to improve these skills.

Popular B2B Sales Courses

These are the best online B2B sales courses to take right now.

The complete B2B sales from basic to advanced

The complete B2B sales from basic to advanced teaches the basics of B2B sales for all professional levels. It shows best techniques in B2B sales, KPIs and goals in B2B sales, B2B sales creation and mapping, differences and similarities of B2B and B2C sales, customer acquisitions and customer personas.

Masterclass B2B Sales: People-oriented Selling

Masterclass B2B Sales: People-Focused Selling, starting with setting the right mindset, the course shows you influence schemes that will drive your prospect to buy. You’ll also learn to understand your prospect well and perform a word-class follow-up technique, deal with common objections and deflation, and how to pitch and close the pitch.

35 minutes of mastery: Condensed B2B business sales

35 minutes of mastery: Enterprise B2B Sales Condensed teaches you a quick iteration of your pitch until it perfectly matches your buyer’s buying standards. The course will show you how to identify and connect with the decision maker, generate leads, filter out time wasters, execute your promising leads, and understand and apply the 6-step enterprise sales.

Business Sales Skills

Business to Business Selling Skills takes a closer look at the basics and the five specific pieces of information you need to succeed in B2B selling. You will learn to master the sales process from start to finish to maximize your results, improve sales skills to handle more complex transactions, and minimize the possibility of objection and master closing.

B2B sales, LinkedIn lead generation and cold email sales

B2B Sales, LinkedIn Lead Generation & Cold Email Sales explores inside sales and outside sales. you will learn how to use software to find leads, the basics of lead generation and B2B sales strategies. You will also learn LinkedIn messaging, how to approach your sales leads, how to handle objections and how to use emotional intelligence and empathy in sales.

The Complete Masterclass Objection Treatment (B2B & B2C)

The Complete Objection Handling Masterclass is designed for B2B and B2C and teaches you all about object handling using scripts and blueprints, including the Wolf of Wall Street technique. The course also prepares you with advanced skills in postural management and tonality, what to do when the client is upset, and storytelling in business.

Sales Methodologies: Business Selling Best Practices

Learning Sales Methodologies: Best Practices for Enterprise Selling will help you differentiate between sales methodology and sales process and apply modern business sales methodologies. The different sales methodologies in the course include strategic sales, spin sales, Sandler sales, solution sales, MEDDIC/MEDDPICC, and challenger sales, which are briefly discussed. In addition, you will learn effective process management for sales engagement.

Business Development and B2B Sales for Startups – Sales Valley

In Business Development & B2B Sales for Startups you will learn proven Sales Valley methods to build business relationships and generate revenue. In this course, you’ll learn the best ways to pitch your idea, get cold emails to meetings, get customers to buy emotionally, handle objections and turn skeptics into buyers, business development and sales strategy, and more.

The Complete B2B Sales Course: From Lead Generation to Closure

Buy Learn The Complete B2B Sales Course: From Lead Generation to Closure You master prospecting, lead generation, appointment making, referrals, sales scripts, goal setting and the mindset of a sales champion. Likewise, you’ll learn how to handle objections, build trust, and build rapport to increase results and sales effectiveness.

B2B sales objections simplified

B2B Sales Objections Simplified helps you understand where objections come from and reveal the most common objections you will face. You can remove the element of surprise and intimidation, the 5 professional techniques for handling objections over the phone in seconds and 6 tips for handling objections in person.

These selected courses are designed for entrepreneurs, business owners, and salespeople to improve your sales and sales skills. All of the courses listed above are self-paced, include progress tests and provide you with a certificate of completion. Plus, you have lifetime access to learning materials and videos, and a 30-day money-back guarantee.

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