Finding the Best Kitchen Equipment Supplier in Singapore

Are you planning to start your own food business in your neighbourhood? Should you have already planned out the menu, location and manpower, what’s left to do is to find a reliable kitchen equipment supplier in Singapore to give you a hand. Since the kitchen will be the heart of your business, it should be updated with the necessary equipment to keep your operations going. This is where a good kitchen equipment supplier can help. Here are some tips on how to find the best suppliers for your commercial kitchen equipment needs.

Finding the Best Kitchen Equipment Supplier in Singapore

Start By Listing Down Your Requirements

The kitchen equipment you will need for your business will depend on the type of food business you plan to establish. For coffee shops, cafe equipment such as coffee makers, bean millers, ice makers, ovens and waffle makers might be essential. A combi oven will likely be more useful for a restaurant than a bakery.

You have to list down the equipment you need for your business before embarking on finding a kitchen equipment supplier. This way, you can easily pinpoint the suppliers that offer all your needs.

Ask for Quotations

Since you will probably enquire with several kitchen equipment suppliers in your area, it will be wise to ask for quotations. Provide them with the list you made and other details such as if you want to rent or buy the equipment, and the duration (in case you will be renting). 

Looking through several quotations will help you realise the most affordable deals. Comparing prices for a commercial freezer, for instance, will allow you to find the deal that will suit your budget.

Look for Discounts and Promos

Since commercial kitchen equipment is rather expensive, it is good to find deals with discounts or promos. For instance, a kitchen equipment supplier may offer rental deals where you can enjoy discounted prices should you decide to buy the equipment halfway. Startup business promos are also very good for those who have no prior experience in the food business.

Check Their Clients’ Reviews and Feedback

As with any other supplier, maintaining a good reputation is a must for a kitchen equipment supplier. Reviewing what their previous clients say about them will give you a good perspective of what you can expect from the supplier. While irate clients will more than likely express their frustrations on reviews, satisfied clients are also often leaving positive testimonials that you can use for your decision-making.


Many people believe that the food business is among the most profitable and low-risk businesses for beginners. For one, cooking and food preparation have always been a part of our daily lives. Thus, the needed skill set is already there and adding extra precaution is a minor thing. Another thing is that most people are okay with spending their money on food compared to other products. It entails that finding your first customer will not be that difficult. You can run your coffee shop confidently with unique recipes and the right cafe equipment in Singapore. The same goes for a bakeshop, canteen or any other F&B business.

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