Gas Prices See Decline in 6th Consecutive Week

U.S. drivers are seeing some relief at the pump with an average national gas price of $4,355 a gallon, down from $4,521 last week. This is the sixth consecutive week that gas prices have fallen after record high gas prices in recent months.

According to the American Automobile Association (AAA), on July 25, 2022, average gas prices saw a $4,355 drop by 16 cents from last week’s gas prices. This is a sharp drop, from this time last month with gas prices reaching $4,908 a gallon.

Gas Prices See Decline in 6th Consecutive Week

Across the country, gas prices have fluctuated from as high as $5,732 to a low of $3,855. Despite falling gas prices, the state of California continues to see record high gas prices, with the average gallon of gas reaching $5,732, down from $5,897 last week.

Although the average price has fallen below six dollars a gallon, some counties in the Golden State are still feeling the pinch. Counties like San Louis Obispo, Inyo, Mono, Alpine and Trinity saw a gallon of gas above $6. Other states like Hawaii, Alaska, Oregon, Nevada, Washington and Idaho also see gas prices above $5.

Highest gas prices

State Regular Mid-Grade Premium Diesel California5.7325.9466.0876.558Hawaii5.5275.7285.9626.096Alaska5.2245.4745.6335.894Oregon5.1695.3875.5966.191Nevada5.145.3975.5955.538

Some states were fortunate to see gas prices fall by more than 20 cents. The states of Texas, Louisiana, Arkansas Mississippi, Alabama, Georgia, South Carolina, Oklahoma and Tennessee saw their average prices of a gallon of gas below $4. Texas, which has the lowest average gas prices, saw a gallon of gas hit a price of $3,855 from $4,030 last week.

Lowest gas prices

StateRegularMid-GradePremiumDieselTexas3.8554.2394.5684.845South Carolina3.864.2714.6045.021Georgia3.8884.2984.635.104Mississippi3.8914.2784.6334.98Alabama3.9284.3284.6985.121

Kansas, Iowa, Oklahoma, Wisconsin, Delaware, Ohio, Missouri, Nebraska and Indiana saw gas prices drop an average of more than 20 cents this week. While Hawaii, the District of Columbia, Vermont and Maine saw modest price declines, with prices dropping an average of 10 cents.

Despite price drop, gas price still high

The national average remains significantly higher than a year ago when prices averaged $3.15 a gallon. In June, the gas price reached a record high of $5,006.

Trends in gas prices

NormalMid-RangePremiumDieselE85Current Avg.4.3554.8065.1035.4123.664Yesterday Avg.4.3664.8225.1175.4223.683Week Ago Av.4.5214.975.2665.5353.867Month Ago Avg.4.9085.3255.6245.7994.195Year Ago Avg.3.1553.5043.7793.272

“Gas prices have fallen every day for 38 days in a row this summer. Now, you know, you can — you can find gas for $3.99 or less at over 30,000 gas stations in over 35 states. In some cities, it is nearly a dollar lower than last month. We have worked very hard to bring the price down,” President Biden said in a briefing on Friday. The rise in gas prices was a key driver of inflation, with the energy index rising 7.5, pushing prices in other indexes higher in June, when the consumer price index rose 9.1 percent from a year earlier. However, as gas supplies improve, gas prices continue to fall slightly. This, in combination with the declining demand for petrol, has contributed to a fall in gas prices.

State gas prices

StateRegularMid-GradePremiumDieselAlaska5.2245.4745.6335.894Alabama3.9284.3284.6985.121Arkansas3.9394.3124.6445.06Arizona4.6825.0015.2665.452California5.7325.466.0876.558Colorado4.6244.985.2815.9.986.Connecti45.59864. .0844.5184.835.307Georgia3.8884.2984.6535.104Hawaii5.5275.7285.9626.096Iowa4.064.3194.7875.069Idaho5.0225.2665.4665.63Illinois4.8275.3245.6935.563Indiana4.3724.8125.1385.699Kansas4.0594.304.345.62576580403 . 6345.0595.3615.696Michigan4.424.8835.2385.671Minnesota4.3324.695.055.372Missouri4.0264.3684.6785.026Mississippi3.8914.2784.6334.98Montana4.6114.8925.1685.504. 0185.258Nebraska4.2254.4314.8965.055New Hampshire4.4094.8815.2125.662New Jersey4.4625.0255.2685.516New Mexico4.1694.5064.7655.172Nevada5.145.3975.5955.538New York 4.5795.0125.345.803Ohio4.1534.5884.9295.689Oklahoma3.9664.3234.5724.90775Oregon 5966.191Pennsylvania4.5554.9435.2145.759Rhode Island4.4885.0295.3335.698South Carolina3.864.2714.045.021South Dakota4.3614.5835.0665.129Tennesse. 8554.2394.5684.845Utah4.9285.155.3465.341Virginia4.1334.5924.9145.341Vermont4.5355.065.4435.416Washington5.1235.3665.5386.164Wisconsin4.0484.54.8775.132West Virginia4.4774.7545.0225.681Wyoming4.5754.8315.085.429

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