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While 18-wheeler trucks are critical for the transportation and commercial industries, these vehicles can wreak havoc in an accident. Every year, a considerable number of accidents involving 18-wheeler trucks are reported in New Mexico. Considering that these vehicles are huge in size in weight, these can actually damage anything that comes in its way in an accident. If you ever get involved in such an accident, it is in your best interests that you call one of Albuquerque 18-wheeler accident lawyers

Understanding causes and establishing liability 

Commercial truck accidents are often a result of one or many factors at a time. Causes include distracted driving, disobeying traffic signs, speeding, driving in unsafe weather conditions, driver fatigue, vehicle defects, or DUI. In case of accidents involving 18-wheeler trucks, the consequences can be severe. The biggest reason to hire an attorney is for establishing liability, which may not be as straightforward. From the trucker and trucking company, to manufacturer of parts and other parties, there could be more than one party responsible for the accident. With experience and expertise, your lawyer can help in understanding and establishing fault and eventual liability. 

Negotiations made simple

Majority of 18-wheeler accident cases are settled through negotiation. While an out-of-court settlement is great, you need someone who can negotiate with the insurance company. In case the trucking company is at fault, you are up against a big insurer, who would want to get rid of claims and reduce their financial burden. With an 18-wheeler accident lawyer by your side, negotiation and discussing the settlement don’t have to be complicated. Your lawyer will always work in your interest and wouldn’t settle for anything less than what you deserve. 

Working in record time

New Mexico, like most states, has its statute of limitations, which allows just 3 years for the victim to bring a lawsuit against the party at fault. When it comes to gathering crucial evidence, you don’t have much time. Your lawyer can initiate an investigation into the matter to gather more details, which can help in building the case. In some cases, the lawyer may even choose to opt for accident reconstruction and talk to experts, so as to establish and prove facts. 

Final word

Most lawyers taking up 18-wheeler accident claims and lawsuits will work on a contingency basis. Their fee is usually a part of the compensation amount, if they win. Check with your lawyer how the other costs can be managed. 


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