Great Creams for Your Lovely Skin

In all cases, we feel that his cream is effective if the skin does not pull, but does not shine either. So, and we swear it exists: hydrated and therefore soft skin. You have to look at the indications on the packaging; it’s already a good thing.

For anti-pimples or other creams, it is better to apply it on imperfections rather than on the entire face if you have combination skin, so as not to dry out areas that do not need it. Clearly, we prefer the case by case rather than a cream to do everything. For that you can purchase the medicines with the iherb コード.

How to use the right day cream?

Every morning, right after cleansing the skin. In the evening, if you like, after removing makeup. Ideally we can put two different creams, preferably a moisturizer in the morning (to spend the day hydrated) and a treatment in the evening (some creams, containing acid or fruit acid AHAs, react badly to the rays from the sun). A small hazelnut is enough, in the palm of your hand by applying it everywhere. If you put touches of cream on the different areas of the face and spread it, you risk putting more than necessary.

You have just acquired the face cream that made you terribly envy and you doubt it. Did you make the right choice? Is it really in line with your needs? We explain how to identify the telltale signs of a cosmetic treatment that does not suit you.

My face cream suits me if

No disturbing skin reactions on the horizon. As a bonus, you wear it like an ultra-light garment which does not cause any feeling of discomfort, it “melts” on the face upon application and it makes your skin more beautiful over use. It’s obvious: you’ve got your hands on THE cream of the crop, the one that shouldn’t leave you for a little while. This is a sign that you know your skin type and what you need perfectly.

SOS, I have redness

When redness appears immediately and remains on the skin after applying a face cream, it is recommended to stop using said cosmetic treatment. This skin irritation can be interpreted as a sign that the product chosen is not suitable for your skin type.

However, certain products, however gentle they may be, can cause very slight skin redness on application, which disappears a few minutes later: this is the case, for example, with certain scrubs or peels.

If the redness persists, it may be an allergy or contact eczema: we recommend that you consult a health professional as soon as possible, or ask your pharmacist for advice. Before buying your face cream, do not hesitate to take a good look and understand the list, identify if it contains an active ingredient to which you are already allergic. In this case, go your way.

My skin feels tight even after applying my face cream

In other words:

The protective barrier effect provided by cosmetic care is not satisfactory for your skin. You will understand, changing face cream becomes a priority in order to opt for something that will better meet your needs. Just use the use worldwide USA iHerb Coupon in purchasing the right face creams and the results will be perfect in every respect.


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