Greater Balances for the Best Horoscope Options Now

Astrology is not an exact science and the magazine horoscope often makes it bad publicity. Yet for centuries, discipline has arguments to make.

When it comes to predicting, often, “all means are good”.   Some will simply inform themselves of the weather forecast of the day to choose “what pants to draw in the wardrobe? “. Others, more ambitious (or more “lost”, according to others), will consult an astrologer. Why would a consenting adult pay for a forecast he cannot be sure will come true? At least, the weather, it remains a bet really free on the future. Is there a known reason why some believe and are treated “pigeons” by the rest of humanity? And if being tempted by a little astro prediction was somehow more useful than not wanting to believe it? When it comes to the Free Horoscope then there are options that you must go for now as the deals are right there.

Astrology, a science and human

Yet, despite the use of precise technical tools (the computer of our astrologer) and the observation of astronomical realities (exact description of the sky), it is impossible to classify astrology in the exact sciences. For the speech, the reading made by the astrologer is not subject to reproducible observations. In this regard, in an article entitled “Astrology: a human science? Bernard Stellato, ethnologist, says: ” Of course, astrology is not an exact science. But who claims that ethnology is one?

Skeptics will be confused (or not?)

Critics of astrology have more than one trick in their bag. Among other strange studies but also conscientious articles, they played the card of the “Barnum effect” or “effect Forer”, and it has “what to convince”. In 1948, a psychologist, Betram Forer, had subjected students in her class to a psychological personality test. Subsequently, he gave everyone the test results which were all identical. 

Type: ” You are someone who needs attention. But respect for your personal space is also very essential to your well-being, etc. Forer had then asked his guinea pigs to write a description of their personality according to their appreciation. The average of the results had reached an impressive peak of great satisfaction (87%). The vast majority of students found themselves totally in the (false) description of their personality!

Faith possible

There is that astrology and its narrative elements are anchored in us. “Everyone needs love, is looking for recognition, or wants to feel useful to society,” says Nima Ferdowsi, evolutionary astrologer and coach. This does not mean that the issues will be or will develop in the same way, at the same time and in the same places. By dint of telling us and hearing or reading stories in everyday life, we would be so used to living in a narrative world (tales, weather reports, mythological culture, astrology, insta stories), that what does not fit in with this universe seems to us to discover little interest to participate in our reality.


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