How a #Girlboss takes charge of her health

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This morning the sun is shining in front of my window, the birds are singing again and I have the feeling that the beach season is just around the corner. Sometimes being your own boss doesn’t leave a female entrepreneur much time to think about diet and exercise — and more importantly, her health. So if I’m thinking about going to the beach this summer and whether my body is bikini ready, I know I’m not alone!

Being a boss means taking control of your body by developing healthy habits. It is important to always listen to your body and do what feels right for you; In the end, every woman knows what makes her feel good. Read on for suggestions, but adjust as needed for your own health and well-being.

We are in charge of every aspect of our business, but we cannot control everything in our lives. However, we can improve our health by controlling what we put into our bodies. Many people rely on exercise, especially sit-ups and crunches, when it comes to reducing belly fat. But it’s not just about fat. You need to be aware of all the foods stored in your gut and ways to eliminate them (literally!) If you stick to a plan, as outlined below, you should have visible results within a week!

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clean your body

My mother enrolled me in ballet when I was six years old, and I danced for 10 years. I believe that ballet, yoga and other sports have helped me a lot to maintain my body. However, you can train as much as you want, but if you don’t eat right either, the workouts can just be a waste of time. Stop filling your body with foods that make your body bloat, and start eating clean. There are a few different approaches you can take.

One way is to stop eating late at night. Make it a habit to have your last meal four hours before bedtime. After 4 PM, limit drinks to water, tea, or kombucha. Be careful with diet drinks and low-calorie soft drinks, as they are linked to problems with the gut microbiome, heart and kidneys (and an increased risk of osteoporosis). Stick to water – your teeth and skin will thank you, as will your gut. I recommend setting a reminder to “drink water” every hour.

It is said that the first meal of the day is the most important. Imagine how your stomach feels when you wake up with something too sweet. I believe in starting the day by eating light and only having a heavier meal in the evening. Drink a glass of water first thing in the morning to “wake up” your organs.

Use a magnesium cleanse (a natural laxative) before going to bed. Depending on the brand, take two to four pills with water before going to bed. Then stop eating and drink only water. If you use a magnesium cleanse before bed, the toilet will call you early the next morning. I highly recommend placing a stool under your feet while you go to the toilet to put your hips in a position where the colon can clean itself more efficiently. If you drink coffee, green tea, matcha or mushroom coffee, you may need to go to the toilet up to three times. You will notice how quickly this reduces your bowels; it removes all the “trash” accumulated in the colon.

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First the training, then the reward

I like to do a 30 minute morning workout – either power yoga or running. If you have a physically active job, fast until noon. I recommend eating a meal after your workout, not before, the size of which depends on your appetite. The first 15 minutes after exercise are crucial, as the body absorbs more nutrients. I live in New York City, drink a glass of water right after I get up, then go for a 20-45 minute run along the river or in Central Park. Then I take a homemade shake. My go-to recipe consists of a banana, handful of organic baby spinach, chia seeds, coconut oil, blueberries, cup of almond or coconut milk and a spoonful of Manuka Honey. I know my work schedule doesn’t allow going to the gym later in the day, so I stick to running. Driving everywhere is not good for your body, your wallet or the planet, so walk more. Keep moving, and your bowels will move better too.

Go with your feeling

See yourself from a different perspective. What do you need to achieve your health goals? More hydration or vitamins? As your gut shrinks, support the body with clean foods such as bananas, vegan shakes, carrots, celery, and hummus. Get into the habit of cooking vegetable soup once a week, using fresh ingredients, such as cabbage, lentils, broccoli, or sweet potatoes. Soups are great appetizers – they fill you up and hydrate at the same time. The anti-inflammatory ingredients relieve your stomach, prevent bloating and ensure good digestion.

Take it easy in the morning. Don’t shock your body with heavy foods that make you tired all day long. The foods that require more energy to be digested (eg animal proteins) are easier to digest in the evening. Instead of consuming them early, do it later when your body has all night to process it. You will notice that you sleep better and have an energy surplus the next morning!

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Cut Toxic Foods

Avoid consuming foods with refined sugar or white flour, fried foods, cold cuts, ice cream, cakes and cookies. Always have healthy snacks on hand, such as papaya, cashews or berries. If you crave a break from healthy eating every now and then, grant yourself an exemption – after all, you’re in charge! Try eating clean for three days, fasting for 16 hours, then having a “cheat day” and allowing yourself something like pizza. It can be hard, but it’s best to avoid fast food except on your cheat day.

You should also avoid drinking alcohol. Drink a glass of champagne on a special occasion. Drinking more than once a week will make you feel tired and bloated, and as time goes on, you will develop additional wrinkles due to dehydration. Take a two-month break from alcohol. Your body and mind will thank you! Some of the worst bouts of depression are hangovers, and no one needs that.

If you want impeccable health, eat cleaner. When you take in more vitamins, dopamine levels increase. Dopamine is one of the “feel good” chemicals. By interacting with our brain’s pleasure and reward center, it (along with others such as serotonin, oxytocin, and endorphins) plays a critical role in how happy we feel. It affects movement, memory and focus. Recommended foods high in dopamine are eggs, bananas, almonds and dark chocolate.

Good sleep is crucial

A warm bath or shower helps relax the muscles, leading to a good night’s sleep. Use essential oils of orange or eucalyptus for a spa effect — it frees your sinuses and makes breathing a whole new experience.

A short prayer of thanks will help you practice gratitude and you will go to bed happier too! Put CBD oil on your bedside table, right next to the magnesium cleanse.

Change your bedding at least every five days for a better night’s sleep. I like a good fabric, such as Egyptian cotton or 100% hemp. I’m not a fan of synthetic, non-breathable materials and how they feel against the skin.

Sleeping is an essential function that allows the body and mind to recharge, leaving you refreshed and alert upon waking. Good sleep habits help keep the body healthy and the brain functioning.

Keep in mind that these are personal recommendations – you should only do what feels right for your body. However you get there, the end result is this: When you look better, you feel better. And when you feel better, you look better too.

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