How To Deactivate Gcash


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How do I Activate my GCash MasterCard?

GCash Mastercard Activation Steps via GCash App 1 Log in to your GCash account. 2 Tap the menu on the upper left corner of the home screen. 3 Select “My Linked Accounts” > “GCash Mastercard.” 4 Tap the Link Card button. 5 Type your 16-digit card number (Find this number on the front of your card). 6 Tap the Link Card button.

How do I withdraw money from my GCash prepaid card?

With your GCash prepaid card, you can access your money any time you need it because most ATMs operate 24/7. Just look for the BancNet or Mastercard logo on the machine, and you can withdraw using your GCash Mastercard like an ATM or debit card. For the ATM PIN, enter your six-digit GCash Mastercard PIN.

How do I file a dispute with GCash?

Should an unauthorized transaction happen using your card, you can file a dispute and request for a card replacement by calling the GCash customer service hotline 2882 or submitting a ticket in the GCash Help Center ( 3. Can I have two GCash Mastercards?

What are the cash out options from GCash?

While GCash offers many other cash out options, this card from GCash can be a lifesaver when you need hard cash for an emergency. GCash partner outlets like SM, Robinsons, and Puregold also allow over-the-counter cash out transactions, but these establishments are open only during certain times of the day.

How To Deactivate Gcash

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