How to improve productivity in your marketing strategy

Productivity isn’t just about completing basic administrative tasks quickly. These concepts can also help you get more done with your marketing efforts. By improving your processes and choosing the right automation tools, you can achieve more and then focus on new tasks. Read tips from members of the online small business community below.

Boost your marketing strategy with these automation tools

Automation can help you get more done with your marketing strategy. This frees up more time to create new campaigns or dig into the numbers. In this Mallee Blue Media post, Ann Smarty offers several automation tools that you can use to boost your marketing. And BizSugar members agreed.

Take advantage of these digital marketing productivity tools

In addition to automation, there are tools that can help you organize and get more done with your marketing. From graphics tools to communication hubs, this Pixel Productions post from Shyamal Parikh has tons of options for small businesses.

Improve your processes with workflow optimization

There are plenty of tools to increase productivity. But there are also strategies you can implement to make your workflow more logical. In this Process Street post, Mark Jones explores the concept of workflow optimization for small businesses.

Create a Blogger Outreach Strategy

Connecting with bloggers can be helpful for a variety of businesses. Whether you have your own blog or are looking for retail influencers, you need to know how to contact them. Vaibhav Kakkar describes how to create an outreach strategy in this Inspire to Thrive post.

Consider SMS Marketing

Sometimes improving your marketing efficiency means adding new strategies to your current range. SMS marketing is an often overlooked option. But today’s consumers are always connected to their phone. If you want to try this tactic, read this guide from Rizza DC from Crowdspring.

Redesign your marketing messages

In addition, your marketing efforts may be ineffective because of messages that simply don’t resonate with customers. In this Franchise King blog post, Joel Libava explores the secret of franchise marketing. And the same goes for other companies. BizSugar members shared their own take on the post here.

Try these Gmail extensions

Email is a big part of many marketing plans. To get the most out of your email platform, extensions can help. There are tons of unique options on Gmail. Learn about some you’ve never heard of in this GMass post from Sam Greenspan.

Compare the best SEO software tools

The right software can dramatically improve your SEO capabilities and productivity. But how do you choose the right option for your company’s needs and objectives? Adam Connell compares several options in this Startup Bonsai post. And BizSugar members commented on the post here.

Track SEO performance with these metrics

If you want to improve your SEO, you need to understand exactly what works and what doesn’t in your current strategy. This means you have to dig into the statistics. But what should you prioritize? Erik Emanuelli dives into some top options in this post. After reading, head over to the BizSugar Community to see what members are saying.

Improve your small business with these essential techniques

In general, all the productivity and automation tools mentioned above are designed to take your entire business to the next level. There are countless ways to achieve this goal. So you need to determine which options are most relevant to your operations. Mahipal Nehra offers several key strategies in this Decipher Zone post.

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