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Along with modernisation, problems also develop, making it more challenging for business owners to prosper. Modern times come with new obstacles like the continuous system upgrade, a much more complicated logistic industry, and a growing customer demand. The competition is high! And if you want to survive the business world, you need to be adaptable and knowledgeable about improving your business performance with modern solutions like the freight management system

What is the freight management system? 

The freight management system is a strategic process of moving orders through various transportation modes that deliver the product to the intended destination. The method includes:

  • Hire logistics
  • Consider physical assets like trucks and vans
  • Look for distribution centres and warehouses and find the latest technology like the freight rate management software. 

Why Speed is Important When Delivering Products

Have you experienced waiting for your order? For sure, you can’t wait for it, and you’re excited to receive your orders right away after adding them to your cart. Since the pandemic has forced multiple businesses to choose online for continuous operation, they should know by now the importance of speed in the delivery process and how modern systems like a freight management system can help your business grow. 

  • Satisfy Customers’ Expectations – Modern customers have high expectations regarding the delivery process. They don’t tolerate a delay, even a day or two. They would escalate this problem to your business and cause more damage to your brand’s reputation
  • Generate More Positive Reviews – Positive reviews can improve your brand image because of reliable customer feedback. These comments will allow more customers to trust your business and support your brand because of a reliable delivery process through the help of a freight management system. 
  • Declutter The Inventory- Delaying your order delivery can also clutter your inventory. You need a fast delivery process to declutter your order list and prevent overcrowding your storage with customer orders. You can also use modern systems like freight procurement software to track your customer order and digitalise inventory management. 
  • Maintain a Reliable Business Service –Speed in the delivery process is essential because it makes your business reliable. Customers feel anxiety whenever products are delayed because of scams online. To appease them, make sure to maintain a fast delivery service. 

Here’s how a fast delivery process can help your business grow. So, it would be good to upgrade your shipping method with modern methods like the freight management system and the usage of freight procurement software. Better continue reading the article to learn how to improve your delivery process.


How to Improve Your Delivery Performance

As a business owner, you need to improve your delivery process from time to time because of rapid changes in the logistics industry. Aside from using the latest technology or methods like the freight management system, you should also know how to improve your delivery organically. It’s better to consider your teammates’ interaction, communication system, etc. To help you get started, here’s how you can improve your delivery process by following the tips below. 

1) Simplify the Delivery Process

Luckily, you can digitise the freight management system from procuring orders to delivering them to the customers. It turns a complicated process into a simple task by organising online. Instead of manually recording the orders on paper, you can log in to your system and save the information on your tablets. For instance, you can track your order through an automated system that prevents delay and confusion. 

A simplified process can also prevent employee conflict because it takes a faster approach to finishing the job. It has to be a simple process to ensure success, from procuring the order to passing it to a courier. 

2) Improve Communication Among Teammates

Aside from simplifying the process, it would be best if you also improved the communication among your team members. Tell your staff from all levels to share information in real-time. You can use social media apps to chat with your teammates instead of going to them personally. It’ll only take time, and you may even share the wrong information. 

For example, incorrect details about shipment tender can delay the whole process. Therefore, your business needs to have a transparent communication system to relay the message to the entire team. 

3) Use Modern Softwares

With modern systems like the freight procurement software, you can quickly process your delivery method because of accessibility and organisation opportunities. Gone are the days when you needed to write everything down on paper because you could choose the digital option.

 You can use an app with your laptop, tablet or smartphone to track or improve your delivery process. Nonetheless, it’s good to transition from manual labour to an automated system. You can also brief your team about using the latest technology to make the process faster and more convenient. 

4) Constantly Update Your Customers

Customers want to get updates on their orders. Firstly, they are excited to receive the items from your store. It’s best not to leave them hanging and wait for your orders without any update. As a business owner, you need to give real-time information about the status of their orders to know what to expect. Fortunately, you can use modern methods like the freight management system that helps you track order numbers without complication. 

5) Establish Clear Communication with the Courier 

To ensure a smooth transaction, you also need to establish clear communication with your freight forwarder and courier. Have clear rules about the delivery process so you won’t disappoint your customers. You can also use freight rate management software better to understand the status of your purchasing and freight rates. Remember to take their contact information to alert them if a problem needs to be addressed immediately. 

6) Ask Your Customers 

Finally, the best way to know what to improve in your business is to ask your customers. They’ve experienced transacting with your company, and their feedback will be a reliable source on what areas you need to improve. You can open a leave a suggestion option on your website so customers can comment on your freight management system. 

Improve your delivery process with Cargobase, which can help you with their freight procurement software. Visit their website to know more about shipment tender and other necessary information.

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