How to open a fireworks store

If you want to sell fireworks to the general public, you need to open a consumer fireworks store. And because of the dangers that come with it, let’s start with one of the most important parts of the process. Find out what permits and licensing requirements are in effect in the area where you want to open a store.

Some state laws may limit your ability to sell certain types of fireworks. Other states, such as Texas, Louisiana, and Oklahoma, do not allow the sale of fireworks tents as part of their state laws.

The fireworks industry in 2022

As in many other industries after the 2022 pandemic, there is a supply shortage. And it drives up the price of available fireworks.

Admittedly, fireworks can be dangerous if used improperly, which means taking steps to protect your assets. Business people who sell fireworks use Limited Liability Companies (LLC) framework to protect their personal assets and keep them separate from the company.

Why start your own fireworks business?

Why start a small business that sells fireworks?

You have always wanted to start your own fireworks business because you have always loved everything about fireworks. You want to work in a seasonal or specialty store because it fits well with your personal life. You have been informed about fireworks technology and know what is popular in the industry. In other words, you are pyrotechnical and you know what customers want. You are well versed in zoning and permits required to start and operate a fireworks business tent, booth, or shop. You already have a location for the company and the sale of fireworks is an approved use there. You’ve worked hard at several small businesses, but you want to work for yourself and make more money.

Selling fireworks in 2022

As mentioned before, do your research before starting a business. What type of fireworks can you list for sale under local and state laws?

Second, choose what type of fireworks business you want to start. Will it be a fireworks tent store or a fireworks stand? Or are you going to open a store all year round?

The setup of the tent or booth is usually seasonal, in fact many work just a few weeks before the 4th of July. If you want to work year round, rather than targeting just July, you may want a physical location.

Here are tips for starting your fireworks sales business:

1. Research state and local laws to learn about any restrictions on what you can sell in the industry. You can also contact your local firefighters who can be excellent resources, most likely knowledgeable about requirements and licensing.

2. Choose the type of business you want to run, seasonal, year-round, online, or a combination of the two.

3. Register your business in your state. Get an EIN (Employer Identification Number) so you can collect sales tax and properly report federal taxes.

4. Open a Business Bank Account and receive a business credit card.

5. Develop a business plan and budget. If you’re going to work seasonally, your budget is extremely important – you’ll want to sell almost all of the stock you buy.

6. No matter what type of business you want to run, location is very important. Often a fireworks company can get a state fireworks permit relatively easily, but may be denied local permits. Your business may need to locate just outside a city. If you expect to make money, you have to be in a great place on a well-traveled route.

7. Establish a website and social media presence. Make your pages a success by creating colorful images and videos.

8. If you have a shop, do you offer delivery? What permits may you need to transport products for delivery? What permits do you need to ship fireworks? Do you want to focus on online sales? Do you need a resale certificate?

9. Take care of your insurance needs. You need general liability insurance. If you add employees, you will also need work accident insurance. If you have a permanent location, you will need business insurance. After purchasing inventory, insurance is one of the highest costs.

10. Buy inventory. As mentioned, this will be one of your highest costs. However, if your tent, booth, or venue gains a reputation for being “out of the best stuff,” your customer traffic will slow down.

11. When should you hire employees? This should be part of your business plan. If you do hire employees, what is their starting salary?

12. Plan your big opening day. Make sure to cover all the different aspects of it, such as the announcement on your website page and social media pages. Contact local media representatives and invite them to your event for some free advertising.

What is a fireworks tent company? What is a Fireworks Mode?

The company operates from a tent or a stand. Nor is it a permanent structure. Both are used for the sale of fireworks.

An entrepreneur can buy or rent a fireworks tent, or stand. There are also a number of franchises to consider, such as the tent business of Powder Monkey Fireworks and Phantom Fireworks, which operates a fireworks store for wholesale fireworks. There are also other retailers that offer similar products.

Of course, anyone who sends fireworks across state lines must abide by the laws of the destination state or risk criminal charges.

How much does it cost to start a fireworks display?

You pay the most for inventory. If you run a fireworks tent business or fireworks stall, you also have to pay for security — your location isn’t safe and you’ll need to hire security to check the inventory when you’re not there.

Here are other costs to consider:

Licenses and PermitsInsurancePoint of sale system (best if linked to inventory)Create signs and lighting

The size of the company affects your costs. Here are some estimates:

Small tent or booth – Startup costs range from $5,000 to $7,000 Medium tent or booth – $12,000 to $20,000 Large tent or booth – $20,000 to $50,000 Year-round store – Estimates are approximately $50,000 to keep inventory up to date to keep.

Is a fireworks store profitable?

Even if you factor in the cost of buying wholesale fireworks to stock your business, you need to make money with every sale. It’s up to you to create the successful business model that best suits your location and experience level.

A strictly seasonal fireworks business should earn from $20,000 to $50,000, after state and federal taxes. A year-round business must earn a minimum of $50,000. Most companies expand their sales structure to add services by offering special events. For example, the company provides fireworks to support a special event, such as a gender reassignment announcement (pink or blue fireworks), retirement, graduation, or sporting event.


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