How to tame the subconscious and control your life?

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Have you ever felt disadvantaged? Maybe your boss gave you an unfair rating, your best friend is consistently late to meet you for dinner, or a random stranger cuts you off in traffic. It’s not uncommon to feel anger, pain, or annoyance in our daily lives – and many of us feel like we’re at the mercy of those emotions.

But what if you knew there was something you could do about those emotions that come over you? There it is, and it starts with understanding how our brains work.

All our brains have both an unconscious and a conscious component. Our subconscious helps us through life incredibly well. It is estimated that our subconscious processes information about 500 times faster than our consciousness. When we instinctively stop at a red light or immediately pull away from a hot stove, our subconscious is at work.

Our subconscious actually does two things. First, it runs old programs that we’ve taught it, automating much of our day. Second, it works to protect and protect us. While this is immensely helpful, the subconscious mind has its drawbacks. To be successful in life it is important that we are aware of these differences, so let’s break it down.

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Subconscious vs Conscious

Our subconscious mind can trick us into feeling emotions that are not useful to us. It doesn’t want us to feel uncomfortable, suffer, or hurt. Sometimes when we’re upset about something “happening” to us, it’s really our subconscious that encourages us to play the victim. Because it is easier and often feels better to blame others or external circumstances for our problems or struggles, the subconscious mind likes to help us with that. Before we have had time to consciously process and process a situation, the subconscious will say things like: There goes Sally again, always raising her hand first to seize that project or opportunity. She is clearly trying to outdo you. You better be on your guard.

Unfortunately, the more often we listen to our subconscious tendency to find external scapegoats and explain uncomfortable emotions in ways that are not our fault, the more our subconscious mind is programmed to do just that., that maintains the cycle. The result? We are not willing to look deeply into the real problem and we miss the opportunity to take responsibility and accountability.

Second, because the subconscious wants to keep us safe, it doesn’t always embrace change. When we dream about our future or consider making improvements in our lives, the subconscious often tries to talk us out of those pursuits. It could say: “Are you sure you want to train for a marathon? That sounds very difficult. Just going to the gym every day is probably more than enough exercise.” Or, “Going to work for that promotion sounds great, but the other candidates are probably better qualified. Why bother trying it?”

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How to Engage Your Conscious Mind

Since the subconscious does not like to be vulnerable, it is easy to fall into the trap of guilt and passivity. This behavior is precious and can sabotage our growth, relationships, hopes and dreams.

Highly successful people regularly engage their conscious minds. Because the subconscious processes so much faster than our conscious mind, highly successful people use both parts of their brains. They regularly take the time to slow down, stop and consult with their conscious mind. They regularly increase the space between stimulus and response. They register themselves. If you do this regularly, your subconscious (though powerful) is far from invincible. Making sure your conscious mind is running the show at your most critical moments in life is critical.

People who take frequent breaks before reacting to a situation or making an important decision do a few important things during that process.

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1. Ask yourself: is this reaction I have or action I am about to take really serving me?

If you are someone who has long-term goals, it is extremely helpful to keep them in mind. While your subconscious may persuade you to do something that feels right in the short term, your conscious mind is a voice of reason in remembering your long-term goal. If you have a goal to lose weight or build a better relationship with someone – and you take the time to consciously think about your “why” – you often come up with a different reaction than if your subconscious is acting alone. Your conscious mind will often remind you that even though a decision may not feel right in the short term, it will help you win the game in the long run. Armed with that awareness, it’s easier to make the right decision.

2. Ask yourself: what is this all about?

Whenever you feel upset or angry, stop to ask yourself what’s wrong… For real on your mind will help you discover new information about yourself. You might say it’s one thing, but on closer inspection (and with the help of your conscious mind), you might realize it’s quite another. Many of us can probably remember a time when we snapped at a loved one about something, but later realized it had nothing to do with that. We find ourselves in a bad mood about something completely different. Be sure.

3. Remind yourself that you can do difficult things

People often fail to try new things and take action simply because it is difficult. You can do difficult things. It’s that simple. The more you consciously remind your subconscious of this, the more you can retrain it to embrace hard work and challenges as part of your daily life.

4. Just take action

Since the subconscious likes to act in routine, predictable ways, it often tends to simply do nothing or change. Because it tries to guard us and our safety, it can also trick us into feeling fear. Fear inhibits action, but action can overcome fear. Consciously choose to identify one or two actions in each situation that will serve you.

If you take the time to slow down and consult with your conscious mind, you will make more conscious decisions. This will lead you to a better life. Try it.

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